Synopsis of Jinxed at First: A Fantasy Romance Drama
Synopsis of Jinxed at First: A Fantasy Romance Drama

Synopsis of Jinxed at First: A Fantasy Romance Drama

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Jinxed at First is a 2022 fantasy romance drama adapted from a popular webtoon. The drama stars Seohyun as Seul Bi, a girl with the ability to see the future through touch, and Na In Woo as Gong Soo Gwang, a young man who is doomed by his encounter with Seul Bi.

Seul Bi has been locked up most of her life with her mother, living like prisoners under the care of a man named Sam Jung. One day, Seul Bi accidentally saw Soo Gwang and instantly fell in love with him. However, her wish to be with Soo Gwang leads to a chain of misfortunes, eventually causing Soo Gwang to lose his life.

After two years, Seul Bi, who has been handed over to Sam Jung’s son, Seon Min Joon, still desires to find Soo Gwang. Soo Gwang, now living under the name Go Myung Sung, works as a fishmonger in a traditional market, known for bringing misfortune to his fellow traders. But one day, Seul Bi manages to find him, although Myung Sung’s memories of her are only filled with bad things.

Despite being rejected, Seul Bi keeps bothering him, until Pi Dae Sik, a colleague of Manager Wang, sells her to a gang leader. Myung Sung’s premonition about Seul Bi comes true, and he rushes to rescue her with Manager Wang’s help.
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In the following episodes, Soo Gwang continues to search for Seul Bi’s identity, despite being chased by Sam Jung’s minions. Will he be able to uncover who Seul Bi truly is? And what fate awaits them in the end?


Jinxed at First is a must-watch fantasy romance drama that will keep you hooked until the very end. With captivating visuals and a heart-wrenching storyline, this drama is definitely worth watching. The chemistry between the lead actors, Seohyun and Na In Woo, is undeniable, their performances showing their incredible acting skills. The storyline is unpredictable and filled with suspense, offering a refreshing change from conventional dramas. Overall, Jinxed at First is a well-executed drama that will leave you satisfied and entertained.

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