Synopsis of High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky - Bacaterus Movie Review
Synopsis of High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky - Bacaterus Movie Review

Synopsis of High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky – Bacaterus Movie Review

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High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky is a thriller movie released in 2017, directed by Shigeaki Kubo and Tsuyoshi Nakakuki. The film follows the story of a gang called Doubt, led by Hayashi Ranmaru and Prison Gang, led by Jesse, who become a threat to the peace in the district SWORD. After the geng SWORD successfully defeated Kohaku in High & Low The Movie (2016) and High & Low The Red Rain (2016), the district enjoys relative calm. However, the two ruthless gangs challenge the hegemony of SWORD and set their sights on taking over the area.

The gory battle that results is ferocious and casts a shadow of doubt on the future of the district. Will SWORD be able to fend off the challenge from the two most dangerous gangs that they have ever encountered? Let’s delve deeper into High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky, and see what happens.

Distrik Sword Faces New Foes

The film opens with the district SWORD being attacked by new gangs that seem to be popping up out of nowhere. In response to the threat, Cobra rallies the White Rascals, Oya Koukou, Rude Boys, and Daruma gangs and suggests the formation of an allying called SWORD – a proposal that is met with mixed feelings.

As Rocky, the leader of the White Rascal, and Hyuga from Daruma reject the proposal, the Rude Boys’ Takeru is unable to give a straight answer and needs to seek approval from his superior.

Only Murayama accepts the offer from Cobra, and that becomes his undoing.

Rocky has personal reasons for refusing the alliance. He fears Hayashi Ranmaru, a dangerous man he once had a bitter fallout with, and doesn’t want to embroil other SWORD gangs in their dispute.

The Arrival of Doubt and Prison Gang

In another part of the district, Ranmaru, the leader of Doubt, is released from prison and wreaks havoc on the district. He joins forces with the Prison Gang to attack and challenge the White Rascals. Rocky gets beaten up in the raid.

Cobra reaches out to Rocky with a proposal for help, but the latter refuses, insisting on fighting his own battles.

Meanwhile, another battle against a casino project is on the cards. After the death of Amamiya Takeru, Masaki and Hiroto reveal evidence of the Kuryu Group and give it to Kohaku.

The Kuryu Group, realizing the threat the USB poses, sends Genji, a delegate of the Kurosaki Kai, to kill Kohaku and his right-hand man, Tsukumo.

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Kohaku hands the USB to Masaki, who believes he is the rightful owner to publish the information it contains after Takeru gave his life to protect it. But Genji and his cohorts attack Masaki, Hiroto, Kohaku and Tsukumo as they try to publish the information.

The Battle Rages On

As the chase and fight continue for a while, they manage to publish the information, and Dan and Tettsu try to get Cobra on board to drop the issue.

Cobra decides not to back down, however, and to destroy the Kuryu Group. The disagreement leads to a split within the Sanno Rengokai.

Elsewhere, the leaders in Sembilan Naga are planning something – with Pho, a former acquaintance of Ranmaru’s while in prison, joining the Doubt gang. Ranmaru hosts a game with Pho and some of his members and only wants strong people in his gang.

Jesse, who has received information from Pho, joins Doubt to attack the White Rascal. The news about the White Rascal’s attack is widespread, and Yamato finds it hard to believe that Rocky is in such a bad place. Meanwhile, Naomi is worried about what her late brother would do in such a situation – fight the Kuryu Group or save his friends.

White Rascal is now ready for the fight against Ranmaru and his members, but the battle proves too much for them, and they suffer huge losses. Just then, however, Cobra and the other SWORD gang members come to their rescue.

Suddenly, they all feel like one, with an unwavering determination to protect their district.


High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky is a gripping thriller that will keep you engaged from start to finish. The movie takes a deep dive into the issues faced by the district SWORD and explores the themes of unity, loyalty, and friendship.

The film employs a mix of action, suspense, and emotion to build a compelling story that enthralls the audience.

The movie’s subtext is relevant even today – the importance of sticking together in tough times and fighting for one’s beliefs.

All in all, High & Low The Movie 2: End of Sky is a rollercoaster ride that I wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

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