Synopsis of Herself Movie: A Story of Building a Home for Her Children
Synopsis of Herself Movie: A Story of Building a Home for Her Children

Synopsis of Herself Movie: A Story of Building a Home for Her Children

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Herself is a 2021 drama film by Amazon Originals that was released on January 8, 2021. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd, this movie tells the story of a mother who lived with her two daughters in a hotel room after leaving her abusive husband. Determined to provide a home for her family, she found inspiration from the internet and began to build a home with the help of some friends she met along the way.

Sandra’s life turned upside down when she left her husband, Gary, after suffering abuse from him. Along with her two daughters, she found temporary refuge in a hotel room provided by a women’s organization. She struggles to survive and provide for her family, working as a part-time cleaner and at a local pub. However, the situation became more complicated when she realized that she needed to find a permanent home for her children before the courts sentenced her to lose custody, being unable to provide a suitable environment for them.

Sandra then started to research and found that building her own house was the most viable option. She worked relentlessly on this project, using advice found on the internet, designing the house plans by herself, and calculating the expenses with the limited amount of money she had saved. However, she faced major obstacles in obtaining building permits, securing a loan from a bank, and dealing with the workers on-site. As a result, she turned to Aido, a construction worker whom she had met previously, for help.

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Aido initially refused Sandra’s request for assistance but eventually agreed after learning about the difficulties she was experiencing. Together with his son and some other volunteers, they started to build Sandra’s new home. Despite facing numerous challenges, including extreme weather conditions, the group persevered and worked tirelessly to make the dream a reality.

Meanwhile, Sandra’s ex-husband, Gary, filed a petition for custody of their children. During the court hearing, Sandra’s parenting skills were called into question when Gary presented evidence that Emma had been injured under her care. Peggy, Sandra’s employer and close friend, comes to her aid, testifying in court and revealing the truth about the abuse Sandra suffered.

In conclusion, Herself is a heartfelt film that shows the strength of a mother’s love and determination to provide for her children. It deals with themes of domestic abuse, determination, and friendship, and features excellent performances from all the main actors. This movie is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates a good drama and a truly inspiring story.

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