Synopsis of Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023), A Classic Love Story of Galih & Ratna
Synopsis of Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023), A Classic Love Story of Galih & Ratna

Synopsis of Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023), A Classic Love Story of Galih & Ratna

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Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023) is a remake of the legendary classic love story of Galih and Ratna, which successfully influenced many young couples in the 80s. The original movie was directed by Arizal, and this time Monty Tiwa brings back the iconic love story with some modifications to fit into Gen Z’s preference.

The story revolves around Galih (Yesaya Abraham) and Ratna (Prilly Latuconsina), who fall in love during their high school years. Galih is a talented singer who is very quiet and reserved, while Ratna is a new transfer student from Indramayu, known for her beautiful smile and easy-going nature.

Unfortunately, their love story faces numerous challenges, including opposition from Ratna’s father (Dwi Sasono), who does not approve of their relationship. To make things worse, Anton (Fadi Alaydrus) constantly sabotages their love, leading to misunderstandings and heartbreaks.

Despite the obstacles, Galih and Ratna try to keep their love alive, but it seems like destiny has other plans for them. Will their love survive, or will they have to part ways forever?

The movie is set in the 70s to bring a sense of nostalgia to the audience, and the music is one of the highlights of the film. Yesaya Abraham’s beautiful voice, combined with Prilly Latuconsina’s acting skills, creates a heartwarming chemistry between Galih and Ratna. The supporting actors, including Arla Ailani, Chantiq Schagerl, and Abun Sungkar, also deliver outstanding performances.

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However, the movie lacks excitement and originality, as the plot follows the same storyline as the original without any significant changes. The pace of the movie is slow, making it challenging to keep the audience engaged throughout the film. Despite claiming to be Gen Z-friendly, the movie appears to cater more to the older generation who grew up with the original movie.

In conclusion, Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023) is a classic love story that still manages to pull at the heartstrings of its audience. It brings back the nostalgia of the 80s with its beautiful music and romantic storytelling style. However, the movie falls short in terms of originality and fails to excite the younger generation with its slow-paced narrative. Nonetheless, the movie is worth watching, especially for those who want to relive the memories of the original movie.

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