Synopsis of Ditto: Heartbreak Due to News from the Future
Synopsis of Ditto: Heartbreak Due to News from the Future

Synopsis of Ditto: Heartbreak Due to News from the Future

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Ditto is a Korean fantasy romance movie released in 2022. The film is a remake of Ditto (2000), a romantic fantasy movie that depicts the love story of young people that is not always smooth and happy. The movie is directed by Seo Eun Young and stars Yeo Jin Goo, Cho Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Yoon, and Bae In Hyuk.

The movie tells the story of Kim Yong, a third-year mechanical engineering student at Hanguk University who falls in love at first sight with a new student, Seo Han Sol. However, his approach to Han Sol becomes unpleasant when he hears shocking news from someone in the future through Ham radio.

On the freshmen reception of 1999, Kim Yong is asked to replace the student council chairman, Kim Eun Sung, who is injured, to contact a promising new student named Seo Han Sol. Han Sol is one of 17 female students who enroll in the mechanical engineering department. She is ranked first among the freshmen, but she does not attend the orientation, making her quite mysterious. Kim Yong is asked to contact her so that she can participate in the welcoming party.

Unexpectedly, Han Sol accepts Kim Yong’s invitation and asks to meet a few hours before the party. She wants him to accompany her around campus because she missed the orientation period. Their meeting is quite awkward, but Kim Yong has already been interested in her since their first meeting.

As a senior, Kim Yong introduces Han Sol to the campus clubs, such as the music and film clubs. However, Han Sol is more interested in the Radio Ham club, which teaches students to communicate using radio frequencies. She asks to be introduced to anyone who joins the club.

Kim Yong remembers that Kim Eun Sung also has a radio like that, but he does not tell her. At the welcoming party, Han Sol receives unpleasant treatment from a drunken senior. According to the senior, someone like Han Sol should not be in the mechanical engineering department.

Han Sol, who was originally silent, eventually fights back. She makes her senior angry and goes home. Kim Yong follows her and invites her to have lunch the next day. That night, during an eclipse, they part ways. Kim Yong then goes to meet Kim Eun Sung to borrow his Radio Ham.

Kim Yong does not immediately use the radio. He just takes it out of Eun Sung’s locker and puts it on the table. He is busy admiring Han Sol, who he is interested in. The next day, when they meet on campus, Han Sol makes Kim Yong even more fascinated because of her touching desire to enter the mechanical engineering department.

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So impressed, Kim Yong says he wants to kiss her, causing Han Sol to be silent and confused. Unable to hold his embarrassment, Kim Yong immediately leaves, pretending to approach Eun Sung who is there. Kim Yong looks embarrassed and regrets his words, and then Eun Sung’s Radio Ham that he kept on the table suddenly turns on.

A girl’s voice is heard from the radio, and she looks surprised because the radio she is using can function. Kim Yong then introduces himself as a student of Hanguk University. The girl is also surprised because she is also studying there, in the Sociology department. She introduces herself as Kim Mu Nee (Cho Yi Hyun).

Mu Nee says she has to interview a stranger, and Kim Yong agrees to help. The conditions are that he can borrow the Radio Ham Manual owned by Mu Nee. Kim Yong and Mu Nee agree to meet the next day. However, until two hours pass, Kim Yong has not yet arrived, and neither has Mu Nee.

Strangely, Mu Nee is also waiting at the same place, but Kim Yong has yet to arrive. Even stranger, the weather where Kim Yong and Mu Nee are different. If Kim Yong waited in hot weather, Mu Nee was rained on. Soon, a young man sheltered Mu Nee and took her away from the location.

He is Oh Young Ji (Na In Woo), a close friend and the guy Mu Nee seems to like. When they arrive home, Mu Nee communicates again with Kim Yong. They accuse each other of not keeping their promise. Mu Nee says that she waited two hours in the rain, but Kim Yong does not believe it because the weather was very clear that afternoon. Then what actually happened, why is the weather different when they are both in the same place and at the same time?

In conclusion, Ditto is an interesting movie, especially for romance and fantasy genre lovers. This’ll keep you watching till the end. The story of Kim Yong and Han Sol’s love has a unique and unpredictable twist that will keep you guessing until the end of the movie. The film also presents a mystery that keeps the audience’s attention until the end. The actors’ acting skills are also excellent, making the audience feel the emotions of the characters.

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