Synopsis of Bombshell, the Movie that Portrays Sexual Abuse Scandal in Fox News
Synopsis of Bombshell, the Movie that Portrays Sexual Abuse Scandal in Fox News

Synopsis of Bombshell, the Movie that Portrays Sexual Abuse Scandal in Fox News

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Bombshell, a movie based on a real sexual abuse scandal that happened in a leading news office in the USA, Fox News, has engulfed the world of cinema with its intentional portrayal of a never-ending issue, which is sexual abuse against women. Directed by Jay Roach, Bombshell is a movie that showcases the story of women who struggle to voice out the sexual abuse they face at the hands of their CEO, a story that is both captivating and engaging. The movie centers around the stories of three women, Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and Kayla Pospisil, as they fight to speak up against the CEO for sexually abusing his employees, including the three of them.

The movie begins with the story of Megyn Kelly, an acclaimed news anchor at Fox News. Megyn was chosen to moderate the 2016 Republican Party debate, where she asked a question to the then-presidential candidate, Donald Trump, regarding his offensive comments about women. This led to Trump attacking Megyn both directly and indirectly, which also resulted in her receiving a lot of death threats. Feeling helpless and receiving no support from the leader of Fox News, Roger Ailes, Megyn had to make peace with Donald Trump.

On the other hand, Gretchen Carlson, also a newscaster at Fox News, is unhappy with Roger Ailes for transferring her from a popular channel to an unpopular channel. Gretchen also faced derogatory comments, sometimes bordering on sexual harassment, during her time at the channel. Gretchen Carlson decides to take legal action and hires lawyers Nancy Smith and Neil Mullin to sue the people who have sexually harassed her, including Roger Ailes, as well as to stop the systemic culture in Fox News, where female employees were being abused.

The case seemed unwinnable as Fox News is a giant institution that is difficult to approach legally, but Gretchen was determined to fight. Gretchen eventually gets fired from Fox News and files a case against Roger Ailes. A few days later, Roger Ailes is in the headlines of almost every news channel after Gretchen Carlson files a lawsuit against him. Megyn Kelly, who was once silent about the sexual abuse she faced from Roger Ailes, also reveals her story to the public after Gretchen comes forward. Despite Ailes’ denial, more women come forward to expose the sexual abuse they received from him.
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The director, Jay Roach, puts the film through a dark comedy phase that criticizes those in power who misuse their positions. Bombshell is a serious movie that raises a highly sensitive issue and requires the viewers’ undivided attention. The story revolves around the lives of the main characters, but their interaction is kept to a minimum. Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and Kayla Pospisil fought for justice against one of the most powerful men in Fox News. Bombshell is a film that is not only captivating but also shows the extent to which women had to fight to come out with the truth.

The film is a powerful tool that highlights the issue of sexual abuse against women at the workplace. It is a must-watch for every individual who feels passionate about the cause for women’s rights. Bombshell is more than just a movie; it is a representation of the struggle that women go through to voice out their abuse. In conclusion, Bombshell is a movie that everyone should watch, a movie that delivers truth, power, and emotion.

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