Synopsis of Before We Go (2014) - A Romantic Drama Film Directed by Chris Evans
Synopsis of Before We Go (2014) - A Romantic Drama Film Directed by Chris Evans

Synopsis of Before We Go (2014) – A Romantic Drama Film Directed by Chris Evans

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Before We Go, directed and produced by Chris Evans, is a 2014 romance drama film from the United States. This movie marks the debut of Chris Evans, who also stars in the film as Nick Vaughan alongside Alice Eve, who plays Brooke Dalton. The film was first premiered on September 12, 2014, as part of the Special Presentation of the Toronto International Film Festival. Now, let’s dive into the Synopsis of the film.


The story takes place at Grand Central Station in New York City, where Nick Vaughan, a trumpet player, is performing on the street. One night, Brooke Dalton runs past him and accidentally drops her phone. Nick catches it and tries to return it to Brooke, who reveals that she has been robbed and needs to travel to Boston. Nick offers to help her, but his debit card is declined and his credit card is expired. Brooke insists that she must reach Boston early the next morning. Therefore, Nick decides to help Brooke find her missing wallet. They track down a house that sells stolen wallets, and while Nick tries to negotiate with the owner, Brooke asks a passing police officer to investigate. The owner becomes frightened and attacks Nick, and they finally escape with Brooke’s wallet. Nick then takes Brooke to his friend’s wedding in a hotel and hopes to borrow some money. Along the way, they share their stories with each other. Brooke is in New York because she has just sold a painting, and she plans to surprise her husband by coming home early. Nick arrived in New York because he was auditioning for a band he had been wanting to join for a long time. Instead of being at the wedding party, they accidentally enter the room where the band is performing, and they play a song together before running away. As the night gets later, they try to catch a bus to Boston, but they don’t have enough money. Brooke borrows a phone from a stranger to call her friend, asking her to take her goodbye letter to her husband so he won’t read it.

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Brooke starts to feel calm because her marital issues start to become resolved. Meanwhile, Nick still feels conflicted because he sees Hannah, his ex-girlfriend, at the wedding, who rejected his proposal and broke up with him six years ago. Brooke offers to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can talk to Hannah at the event. Nick and Hannah finally see each other again after six long years, but Nick quickly realizes that their relationship cannot be rekindled because Hannah is pregnant with her new boyfriend Cole. Nick finally decides to let go of Hannah and move on. Brooke and Nick continue walking through the New York streets, waiting for morning to come to return to Grand Central Station.


Before We Go is a refreshing take on a classic romance drama that leaves viewers considering the complexities of love and relationships. The film’s realistic portrayal of issues people face while navigating romantic relationships and human emotions make it an evergreen classic. The chemistry between the two lead actors, Alice Eve and Chris Evans, is evident from the beginning of the film until the end. Overall, Before We Go is a must-watch for those looking for a heartfelt and well-acted romantic drama film.
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