Synopsis of 200 Pounds Beauty Movie
Synopsis of 200 Pounds Beauty Movie

Synopsis of 200 Pounds Beauty Movie

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This hilarious yet heartwarming movie, 200 Pounds Beauty, directed by Kim Yong Hwa, tells the story of Kang Hanna, a woman who is not conventionally beautiful but has a golden voice. Hanna’s father is being treated in a mental institution, and Hanna does not have many friends due to her weight. She also works as a telephone sex worker due to her vocal talent. With her voice, she sings for a popular singer named Ah Mi, who is unable to sing.

Hanna has a boyfriend who sells diet pills, and he breaks up with her, claiming that she did not take the pills he had given. Hanna is left heartbroken and devastated. Yet, her fate changes when she receives an invitation to attend her boss’s birthday party. Sang Jun is a music producer who is in love with her voice and is her boss.

At the birthday party, Hanna wears a beautiful gown that Sang Jun had sent her earlier. She is surprised and shocked to find out that Ah Mi is also wearing the exact same dress. Hanna had been set up and decides that this moment will not define her life. She sets a goal to transform herself into the most beautiful woman in Korea.

Hanna meets a plastic surgeon, Doctor Lee, who is also one of her clients. She convinces him to operate on her and help her transform into a beautiful woman. He initially rejects her idea, but Hanna persuades him by threatening to expose his secret to his wife. Doctor Lee agrees to operate on Hanna, and the surgery is a success.
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Hanna is amazed by her new look and takes a break from work to recover. She also severs ties with her best friend, Jeong Min, to avoid any old boyfriend from recognizing her. When she returns to work, her colleagues do not recognize her, and she lands a job as a singer on the same show as Ah Mi. Hanna wins the hearts of the audience and becomes famous overnight.

Apart from the transformation story, the movie also sheds light on issues related to body shaming and societal beauty standards. The movie presents a comedic yet thoughtful approach to the subject, which makes it easy to watch and relatable to many audiences.


200 Pounds Beauty is an enjoyable movie that delivers a unique take on transformation stories. It showcases the power of believing in oneself and the importance of self-care. The movie delivers a lighthearted and comedic approach to the issues of body shaming and societal beauty standards that many people face in their daily lives. This film is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys romantic comedies with a meaningful message.

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