SYNOPSIS: High & Low The Red Rain
SYNOPSIS: High & Low The Red Rain

SYNOPSIS: High & Low The Red Rain

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High & Low The Red Rain is a Japanese movie directed by Yudai Yamaguchi, released in 2016. The movie is based on the story of the Amamiya Brothers, who are in search of their elder brother Takeru. The movie starts with the Amamiya Brothers, Masaki and Hiroto, who lost their parents when they were young. Since then, they have been relying on each other, and Takeru has always been their source of inspiration. Takeru has been missing for about a year now, and the brothers are deeply disturbed by his sudden disappearance.

The movie primarily revolves around the story of the Amamiya Brothers as they try to find Takeru. The brothers always hoped that Takeru would be present at their parents’ memorial service to remember their parents. However, instead of Takeru, they meet a girl named Aika, who seems to know about their family and, more importantly, about Takeru’s whereabouts.

Aika is being chased by a group from the Kamizono Family, who is part of the Kuryu Group. The brothers without knowing anything about Aika help her, and she eventually takes them to the place where Takeru was supposed to be. However, upon reaching there, they find that Takeru has been missing, and his house is in a mess. The brothers discover that Takeru was gathering information about recent incidents.

Aika explains the situation to the brothers and informs them of the Kamizono Group. The Kamizono Group is a new non-traditional force that will eliminate anyone who stands in their way. They use white clothing as a symbol of loyalty and will not hesitate to kill and remove all evidence. Aika’s father was a lawyer who dealt with the Kamizono Group’s cases, and one day he found a USB that contained details they were looking for.

Takeru is now working for the Kamizono Group and looking for the opportunity to get close to them. The USB holds information that could be used to take down the Kamizono Group, and Takeru is determined to use it to his advantage. Masaki and Hiroto, along with Aika, help find a way to access the USB’s contents.

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The brothers eventually discover that Takeru is not their blood brother, and they are not related. Hiroto and Masaki come across a deserted church, where the Kamizono Group meets Takeru. A fight breaks out, and Takeru fights to find the reason behind his parents’ death years ago. The movie is action-packed and takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of thrill and suspense.


High & Low The Red Rain is an exciting Japanese movie that keeps the audience engaged throughout. The movie is a perfect blend of action, crime, and drama that will keep the audience on edge. The story revolves around the Amamiya Brothers and their search for their elder brother Takeru, who has been missing for a year. The Kamizono Group, a non-orthodox force, is determined to eliminate anyone who stands in their way. With the help of Aika, the brothers find a way to access the USB containing vital details that could take down the Kamizono Group.

Moreover, High & Low The Red Rain resonates with the theme of family and friendship, where the brothers stick together despite the odds. In summary, High & Low The Red Rain is a must-watch movie for all those who love action, drama, and suspense.

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