Synopsis: High and Low The Worst (2019)
Synopsis: High and Low The Worst (2019)

Synopsis: High and Low The Worst (2019)

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The movie High and Low The Worst (2019) is a spin-off from the High & Low film series, a collaboration between manga artist Takahashi Hiroshi who created the manga series ‘Crows’ and ‘Worst’. The story focuses on the Oya Koukou gang in the SWORD district, which is challenged by a newcomer named Fujio. However, a fight breaks out between Oya Koukou and SMA Housen due to undercover instigators who manipulate them, leading to the circulation of illegal drugs in both schools.

The film centers around a group of five friends who gather to commemorate the death of their grandmother, who had taken care of them since they were young. They learn that one of their friends, Arata, has gotten involved in some trouble. Fujio then decides to take over as the leader of Oya Koukou, only to find out about the internal conflict within the gang.

The story ultimately leads to Oya Koukou and SMA Housen uniting to take down the group responsible for circulating the illegal drugs. Along the way, Fujio has a mission to rescue Arata, while the Oya Koukou gang faces several challenges and internal disputes, leading to intense confrontations and battles.

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The film’s story lacks intrigue and creativity compared to the other installments in the High & Low series, and there is no clear characterization of the newer characters. Though it is commendable that the film stresses the importance of not using illegal drugs, the story fails to present any new ideas or twists that would have set it apart from other gangster movies.

Additionally, several characters appear in the movie without any significant backstory or growth. As a result, the film fails to create a deep connection between the audience and its characters. The fight scenes, however, are executed excellently.

Overall, High and Low The Worst (2019) is an average film that lacks compelling storytelling elements compared to its predecessors in the series. However, the movie brings a focus on drug use and the dangers that it poses to society, which can be considered an essential topic of discussion.

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