Synopsis: Garis Waktu - A Love Story Unfolds through Music
Synopsis: Garis Waktu - A Love Story Unfolds through Music

Synopsis: Garis Waktu – A Love Story Unfolds through Music

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Garis Waktu is a romantic drama movie that was released on August 12, 2022, starring Reza Rahadian, Michelle Ziudith, and Anya Geraldine. The movie tells the story of April, played by Michelle Ziudith, who is on her way to the airport to meet her friend Sanya, played by Anya Geraldine. On a deserted road, April’s car breaks down and she meets Senandika, played by Reza Rahadian, who offers to help her fix her car. The two of them hit it off and exchange numbers. Unfortunately, they part ways and April meets her friend Sanya.

April and Sanya end up spending the night together and having a heart-to-heart conversation about life. April’s mother suggests that they donate books to a local school, and while April is there, she meets Bu Asih, the only teacher at the school. Bu Asih tells her that she is helped by a former student, who turns out to be Dika. April and Dika reconnect when she helps him with a project, and he shows her his music.

Dika, played by Reza Rahadian, is a talented musician, and April wants to help him become famous on YouTube. Sanya agrees to help by creating a channel for Dika, planning promotional strategies, and even providing him with a decent place to stay. April supports Dika in his endeavors and their relationship blossoms into a romantic one.

However, April’s father does not approve of Dika and forbids her from seeing him in the future. Despite this setback, they continue to communicate while April is away in London for school. Over time, Dika’s music becomes popular, and he receives offers to perform everywhere, even winning a music award.
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At a party celebrating Dika’s success, Sanya gets drunk and kisses him, much to April’s chagrin, who is hiding nearby. A heartbroken April runs out, leaving behind a book of poems she had written for Dika. The question is, can April and Dika reconcile their differences and continue their relationship?


Anya Geraldine’s drama, Layangan Putus, became an internet sensation, and fans have been waiting for her next release. Unfortunately, Garis Waktu may not be what they were expecting. Despite the star-studded cast, the plot feels predictable, almost as if it was taken straight out of a novel.

The movie explores themes like young love, heartbreak, family conflict, and music. However, there’s nothing new or creative about how these themes are presented. The story feels predictable and cliched, and while the performances are fine, they don’t elevate the film to a new level.


Garis Waktu was touted as one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, but it falls short of expectations. While the movie has its moments, it lacks the innovative storytelling that would have elevated it from a typical romance movie. Overall, if you’re a fan of Anya Geraldine, Reza Rahadian, or Michelle Ziudith, you might enjoy Garis Waktu, but don’t expect anything out of the ordinary.

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