Synopsis for Mother/Android Film: Surviving in a World Run by Androids
Synopsis for Mother/Android Film: Surviving in a World Run by Androids

Synopsis for Mother/Android Film: Surviving in a World Run by Androids

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Mother/Android is a sci-fi thriller film that follows the story of Georgia Olsen, a woman who is pregnant with her lover, Samuel “Sam” Hoth. The two are forced to walk without stopping, trying to escape from the chase of the Android robots, to reach what they believe to be a safe location. They face various difficult situations and challenges on their journey, and they must quickly find a safe place where Georgia can give birth and determine the future of their child.

Directed by Mattson Tomlin, Mother/Android was released in the United States by Hulu on December 17, 2021, and internationally by Netflix on January 7, 2022. The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Android robots rise against humanity. Although this theme has been used in many other films, viewers can expect new elements in Mother/Android that attempt to offer something different from other films in the same genre.

The film takes place in Massachusetts, including Boston and Lynn Woods Reservations. In Christmas night, Georgia learns that she is pregnant from her relationship with Sam. Although Sam invites Georgia to marry him, she never thought she would become a mother at her current age. They then go to a Christmas party at a friend’s house, and Sam and Georgia have an argument in the party, which is seen by their friends.

Suddenly, there is a loud shrieking sound from an electronic device that causes all the electronic devices in the house to malfunction, and the robot servants there suddenly attack them and kill some of them. Sam and Georgia manage to escape from the house and witness the chaos of the city due to the rebellion of Android robots. Nine months later, they are on their way to Boston to escape from America and find a safe place in Asia.

A few days later, they arrive at a US military defense camp, where Georgia can have her pregnancy checked, and the doctor advises her to give birth in the camp. Sam, who is offended by Georgia’s emotionally unstable hormone changes during pregnancy, bravely fights one of the soldiers in exchange for information about a vehicle that will take them to Boston. But the camp commander orders them to leave. With a heavy heart, Sam and Georgia continue to penetrate the forest.

According to the information, Boston is heavily fortified and can only be entered through a sea route, which means they have to walk further to the north. Therefore, they must enter an uninhabited area where they may encounter many Android robots. They find an abandoned house and Georgia intends to give birth there. But Sam has another plan after finding a motorcycle and fixing it. Although it risks attracting the presence of Android robots, traveling by motorcycle will make them arrive in Boston faster. They then break through the forest and are chased by a group of Android robots among the trees.

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Sam asks Georgia to walk along the river, while he tries to divert the attention of the Android robots. In a desperate situation, Georgia is helped by a mysterious man who then takes her to his container truck. The man who claims his name is Arthur seems to have lost all his family members. Although Arthur forbids her, Georgia insists on saving Sam, who is being held captive in the Android robot’s headquarters. Using the armor made by Arthur that can deceive the eyes of the Android robots, Georgia successfully releases Sam from his captivity and is immediately taken by Arthur to Boston by driving his container truck.

Georgia wakes up from her unconsciousness and realizes that she has given birth to a baby boy, while Sam is also being treated after having his leg amputated. As the police interview Georgia about how she managed to reach Boston, they discover that Arthur is an Android robot who intends to disable the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) in the city. Georgia takes the initiative to get ahead of Arthur to the EMP control room and is trapped in a chase with a group of Android robots. Georgia successfully activates the EMP and, after that, she and Sam are at the port to board a ship to go to Asia. But it turns out that only their baby can join them.

In conclusion, Mother/Android is a thrilling and emotional film that captures the lives of people trying to survive in a world where Android robots have taken over. With stunning cinematography, the film showcases the challenges and struggles faced by the characters as they try to find a safe place to give birth and live a safe life for their child. The excellent acting from the cast, including Chloe Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, and Raul Castillo, makes the audience feel connected with the characters’ emotions and experiences. The film, with its unique narrative and engaging action scenes, is a must-watch for anyone looking for thrilling sci-fi entertainment.

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