Synopsis for Hello Debate Opponent Season 1
Synopsis for Hello Debate Opponent Season 1

Synopsis for Hello Debate Opponent Season 1

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Hello Debate Opponent is a Chinese drama series that premiered on Mango TV on April 15, 2019. The show revolves around the world of debating and appeals to both the youth and the mature audiences. The first season spans 30 episodes and introduces a group of college freshmen who believe that debating is not just a battle of words but an art that challenges one’s thinking and logic. The show aims to introduce the world of debating to beginners while incorporating coming-of-age, romance, friendship, and slice of life themes.

The series begins with a description of debating and an introduction of the characters, who are college students new to the world of debating. This intriguing introduction is useful for those who are new to the topic of debating. Bai Yu (Pan You Cheng) is a new student in the Cultural Industry Management department at Nanzhou Jiaotong University. However, due to an incident, he mistakenly joins the debating club, which he finds boring and full of people who boast about their debating skills.

In the club, Bai Yu meets Yi Xiao Xi (Lin Xin Yi) and her friends. From their first encounter, their relationship is akin to that of cats and dogs, as they never seem to get along. On the first day of school, Xiao Xi wants to take a picture in front of the school sign, but Bai Yu, who is busy taking selfies, does not realize her presence behind him. Both of them claim to be the first to arrive at the sign, and this small and silly incident becomes the start of their never-ending feud.

One day, the debating club faces the threat of being shut down due to a lack of members. Geng Ting Ting (Jiao Na), the leader of the club, attempts to recruit new members, including Bai Yu and Xiao Xi, to prevent the club from being disbanded. Bai Yu, in particular, joins the club as a means of making amends for his past behavior towards Xiao Xi.
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The new team goes through rigorous training sessions to participate in a national debating championship, with Bai Yu and Xiao Xi being at the forefront. They work hard to overcome their weaknesses and to improve their speaking skills. Bai Yu learns to be patient and empathetic towards others, while Xiao Xi discovers that there are things one cannot achieve alone. Joining the debating club teaches the young characters invaluable life lessons, as they learn to make tough decisions in various situations.

The storylines of the debating championship and the characters’ relationships with one another are dealt with carefully and realistically by the writers. The love story between the characters is portrayed appropriately, without taking away from the main theme of the show. Details about the debating competition and the competition’s rules are presented in-depth, making the show a good introduction to beginners interested in the topic.

Overall, Hello Debate Opponent Season 1 is a well-written and well-executed drama that showcases the art of debating while maintaining a delicate balance between romance, coming-of-age, and school-related themes. The show is recommended for those interested in the world of debating and also for those who enjoy shows with multiple themes.

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