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Confidential Assignment 2: International is a Korean action-thriller film directed by Lee Seok Hoon. The movie was released in 2022 and quickly became a hit in Korea with its impressive cinematography, excellent performances, and thrilling storyline.

The movie follows Im Cheol Ryung (Hyun Bin), a North Korean elite soldier who is given a secret mission by his superiors to capture Jang (Jin Seon Kyu). Jang is a former soldier from North Korea who has become wanted for selling illegal drugs and stealing 1 billion dollars from the Korean government. Cheol Ryung is tasked to chase Jang, who has fled to South Korea.

In South Korea, Cheol Ryung is aided by a member of the South Korean police cyber team, Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin). They work together to investigate Jang’s whereabouts and track down the illegal drug distributors in South Korea. With the help of the cyber team, they find the mafia members who were distributing the drugs and use them to lure Jang’s accomplices.

Cheol Ryung and Jin Tae’s investigation soon takes a dangerous turn when they are spotted by an FBI agent, Jack (Daniel Henney). He is also after Jang, who is a wanted criminal by the FBI. Cheol Ryung, Jin Tae, and Jack must work together to find Jang before he escapes and causes more damage.
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The storyline is full of suspense, thriller, and violence, which will keep the audience glued to their seats. The movie’s cinematography is top-notch, with impressive visuals, heart-pumping action sequences, and a perfectly executed slow-motion effect. The music scoring of the film is also noteworthy as it adds to the tension and excitement of the storyline.

The performances in the film are impressive, especially from Hyun Bin, who plays the lead role of Cheol Ryung. He gave an exceptional performance as an elite soldier who is determined to catch Jang, and his co-stars Yoo Hae Jin and Daniel Henney remain true to their characters’ portrayal.

In conclusion, Confidential Assignment 2: International is a must-watch film for action-thriller enthusiasts. The storyline is gripping, the visuals are breathtaking, and the performances are outstanding. This film is a testament to the Korean film industry’s capability to produce high-quality movies that can compete with Hollywood productions.

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