Synopsis: Cupid's Last Wish, A Body Swap Brings Love
Synopsis: Cupid's Last Wish, A Body Swap Brings Love

Synopsis: Cupid’s Last Wish, A Body Swap Brings Love

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Cupid’s Last Wish is an Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Friendship, Romance, and Supernatural movie that was released in 2021. The movie is directed by Golf Sakon Wong and it stars Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri, Mix Sahaphap Wongratch, and Jan Ployshompoo Supasap.

The movie tells the story of Win, who never thought that he would switch bodies with his twin sister, Lin. Although it doesn’t matter if Lin was a man like him, in reality, Lin is his female twin sister who has a character that is the opposite of him.

One day, Win got very angry at Lin because she was still in contact with Korn. Out of anger, Win dragged his sister’s arm into the car and that’s when the accident happened. What exactly triggered Win’s anger? And, who is Korn? This is the story of Win’s struggle to regain his body, as well as his adventure with Korn.

Korn and Win have been best friends since childhood. These two men come from different backgrounds. Since childhood, Korn has been a simple man who has been lucky to be treated as Win’s own child by his family. In contrast to Win, he comes from a wealthy family. His family has a famous farm in Thailand. However, Win’s character is very different from Korn’s. Win likes to control, get angry, be arrogant, and always speaks his mind, making other people upset. Fortunately, his angry temper can be well-repressed and controlled by Korn. That’s why it’s not surprising that these two men are always together.

One day, Win’s father died due to a disease that he had been suffering from. His father’s death deeply saddened him. After that, Win had to take responsibility for his father’s affairs. This includes not only taking care of his mother and younger sister, but also leading the farm business that his father left behind. However, Win is still very inexperienced in the business world, so the shareholders, consisting of his uncle and aunt, demand that the farm’s profit increases. Win hates his uncle and aunt. He is not willing to give them any profit because they have never helped and always been wasteful. Win sinks deeper into despair, until his anger explodes.

One afternoon, his father’s lawyer came to announce the inheritance. Win had expected that his uncle and aunt would get a share. But, one name that Win never expected was on the will, and that is Korn’s name. The lawyer said that Korn will receive a few percent of the inheritance. Win was shocked to see Korn’s name on the will. Knowing this, Win was enraged and assumed that Korn had been sucking up to his father for the family’s wealth. His anger drove Korn out of Win’s house. From that moment on, Win didn’t want to have anything to do with Korn. He didn’t even want to hear his name again.

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After being kicked out for several years, Korn now lives independently and works as a chef at a hotel. Korn’s job is stable, and he is not interested in having contact with Win again, although he misses him. However, Korn always receives news from Lin (Win’s younger sister). They often message or call each other. Korn has already considered Lin as his younger sister.

One day, when Lin was confiding over the phone about how bossy and controlling Win is, Win appeared out of nowhere and took Lin away. Surprised, Lin couldn’t say anything. Win was furious because he saw that Lin was more comfortable confiding in Korn. In addition, Win now hates Korn even more. Fuming, Win yelled at Lin. He found out that his own mother and sister were in contact with Korn for advice.

In the midst of his anger, Win immediately pulled Lin’s arm into the car. It was raining heavily and thunderstorming, but Win was determined to meet Korn and confront him. However, in the middle of the journey, Win couldn’t control his car and had an accident. The impact caused Win and Lin to become unconscious. They were both taken to the hospital. Korn panicked when he heard about the accident.

Korn rushed into Lin’s ward first because Win was still being treated in the ICU. When he entered Lin’s room, Korn found a little girl sitting on the bed. When Lin turned to face Korn, she suddenly jumped up and started hitting Korn while shouting: “This is all your fault, Korn! You made us have this accident!” That’s when Korn realized that this was Win, not Lin. But how could this be? Finally, Win, who was in Lin’s body, admitted that he was not the sweet and calm little sister. Now, both Korn and Win are confused and don’t know what to do to get back to their own bodies.

In conclusion, Cupid’s Last Wish is a fascinating and thrilling movie that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The movie is a perfect mix of adventure, drama, romance, and fantasy that will keep you engaged until the very end. Win and Korn’s characters are very intriguing, and the movie’s plot is well-developed. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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