Synopsis and Review: One the Woman - A Bizarre Prosecutor Unravelling a Crime
Synopsis and Review: One the Woman - A Bizarre Prosecutor Unravelling a Crime

Synopsis and Review: One the Woman – A Bizarre Prosecutor Unravelling a Crime

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Cho Yeon Ju, a peculiar female prosecutor, takes a leave of absence to secretly investigate a case on her own. Little did she know, her plan would lead her to new, more complex problems. Yeon Ju is involved in an accident and loses her memory. When she wakes up, people call her Kang Mi Na. Unable to recall anything about her true identity, Yeon Ju starts living as Mi Na, a wealthy family’s daughter-in-law treated like a servant. As she tries to improve Mi Na’s unfortunate life, Yeon Ju inadvertently gets closer to the case she was investigating. Will her identity as a prosecutor be revealed? How will Yeon Ju unravel the case?

A Story of Lost Identity and Unexpected Mysteries

Jo Yeon Joo is a corrupt prosecutor who takes bribes from gangsters and caters to the special requests of high-class clients looking to escape legal punishment. One day, her boss Ryu Seung Deok assigns her to handle a bribery case involving the Hanju Group and the Director-General of Taxation. In addition to this task, Yeon Joo has her own agenda – to capture Lee Bong Sik, a notorious swindler who evaded prosecution because of Seung Deok’s actions. Yeon Joo is determined to catch Bong Sik to secure a promotion.

With the help of her team, Wang Pil Kyu and Choi Dae Chi, Yeon Joo attends an art auction event, confident that Bong Sik will also show up there. Upon arrival, she is surprised to see a woman who looks strikingly similar to her, from the gown they’re wearing to their facial features. The woman, Kang Mi Na, is the illegitimate daughter of the Yumin Group’s owner and the second daughter-in-law of the Hanju Group. Mi Na married Han Young Sik’s second son, Han Sung Woon, but her life as a part of the Hanju family has never been happy. Mi Na is treated like a servant by her mother-in-law, husband, and in-laws because she belongs to the Yumin Group family.

As the art auction takes place, a fatal accident kills Mi Na’s father and other family members. Han Young Sik learns of the tragedy and becomes anxious when Mi Na suddenly becomes unreachable. At the same time, Yeon Joo gets hit by a car while chasing Bong Sik and is taken to a hospital. However, Ibu Kim, a worker for the Han Young Sik family, quickly transfers her to another hospital, mistaking her for Mi Na. Their plan is to seize control of the Yumin Group, as the unconscious woman is now the sole surviving member of the Yumin family.
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When Yeon Joo wakes up with amnesia, she quickly realizes she isn’t liked by those around her. However, her fearlessness remains, and her abrasive behavior shocks the family, who knew Mi Na as a submissive person. Han Seung Wook, the American-educated first grandson of the Hanju family and nephew of Han Young Sik, becomes suspicious of Mi Na’s sudden change in demeanor. He has fond memories of Mi Na as his first love, but now faces the possibility that the Mi Na he knows and loves is actually Yeon Joo.

With her new identity as Mi Na, what other surprises will Yeon Joo encounter? Will the real Mi Na make a sudden return?

Conclusion: A Double Life for the “Crazy” Prosecutor

While devising a plan to investigate a case, the “crazy,” corrupt female prosecutor Cho Yeon Ju finds herself entangled in a complicated story. She experiences an accident that causes memory loss, and when she awakens, she’s assumed the identity of Kang Mi Na – a wealthy family’s daughter-in-law treated like a servant. As Yeon Ju tries to navigate this new life, she gets closer to the case she set out to solve. One the Woman presents an intriguing and suspenseful storyline with a cast of complex characters, capturing the audience’s attention as the plot unfolds.

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