Synopsis and Review of Yesterday (2019) Movie
Synopsis and Review of Yesterday (2019) Movie

Synopsis and Review of Yesterday (2019) Movie

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Yesterday is a romantic musical comedy film with an interesting premise that revolves around a small town musician who suddenly becomes famous after playing The Beatles songs following a worldwide power outage that leads him to discover that he’s the only person who remembers The Beatles. However, there are consequences that he must face. The movie, directed by Danny Boyle, promises an entertaining storyline, with some exciting musical arrangements from The Beatles’ catalog.

The lead role is played by Himesh Patel who portrays Jack Malik, a struggling musician from Suffolk who has been tirelessly toiling towards his dream of becoming famous. He is accompanied everywhere by his best friend and manager, Ellie, portrayed by Lily James, whenever he does a show, which unfortunately has few attendees. However, after a power outage incident, Jack discovers that no one else in the world remembers The Beatles musical legacy, opening up an opportunity that he decides to jump on.

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Jack Malik is a struggling musician, living out his dream of playing at local pubs and cafes, but has never gained much momentum in his career due to a lack of interest. After deciding to give up and head back home on his bicycle, he’s struck by a bus and wakes up in the hospital. When he’s later gifted a new guitar from Ellie, he begins to play songs from The Beatles and notices that nobody seems to know who The Beatles are. Even when he takes an online search throughout the night, he cannot find any recognizable information on The Beatles’ legacy. Insistent on making use of this opportunity, Jack manages to recall some of the songs by The Beatles and starts performing them at different venues. Though his first gigs went unnoticed, he was later invited to record the songs at a studio. The CDs he burned were then distributed throughout the area, ultimately landing him a spot to perform on a local television show.

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Ellie is left behind when Jack is invited to perform at a festival in Moscow with renowned artist Ed Sheeran. Jack pens down a song on the spot and performs it, leaving everyone, including Ed Sheeran, entranced with his beautiful lyrics. After the performance, Jack receives invitations from Debra Hammer, Ed’s manager, to come to Los Angeles to discuss his future in music. Excited about his future career prospects, Jack heads off to Los Angeles with his childhood friend and roadie, Rocky. While there, he records more songs from The Beatles’ library to build his repertoire.


Yesterday (2019) is an engaging, entertaining movie that will keep you hooked. With its impressive storyline and great musical numbers, it’s a must-watch for fans of The Beatles as well as those who enjoy romantic comedies. The lead actors played their parts extremely well, and it’s safe to say that the film lived up to its expectations. Now that you’ve read the synopsis, it’s time to watch the full film and enjoy the rest of the story.

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