Synopsis and Review of The Hand of God (2021) Movie
Synopsis and Review of The Hand of God (2021) Movie

Synopsis and Review of The Hand of God (2021) Movie

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The Hand of God (2021) is an Italian movie directed and produced by Paolo Sorrentino. The movie’s story was inspired by Sorrentino’s teenage life while living in Napoli, Italy. The movie won the Grand Jury Prize at the 78th Venice International Film Festival and several awards at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival.

The movie cast includes Filippo Scotti as Fabietto Schisa, Toni Servillo as his father Saverio Schisa, Teresa Saponangelo as his mother Maria Schisa, and Luisa Ranieri as his aunt, Patrizia.


The story revolves around Fabietto, who lives with his family in Napoli during the 1980s. Though he has always been a loner with no friends or girlfriends, he is obsessed with football and aims to study philosophy. Additionally, he dreams of making a movie but has no idea how to make it happen.

One day, the famous Argentine footballer, Diego Maradona, is rumoured to be joining the football team Napoli. This news spreads like wildfire, and the entire town is overcome with enthusiasm, including Fabietto, who idolises Maradona. Maradona’s arrival makes the Schisa family appear happier than usual, but in reality, they are struggling with marital issues. Fabietto’s father, Saverio, is having an affair with another woman, which leads to constant arguments with his wife, Maria. On the other hand, Fabietto holds a high desire for his aunt, Patrizia, who is married to his uncle, Franco, a man who mistreats her.

After a series of events, the Schisa family is hit with a tragic incident, which forces Fabietto to face a dark reality of life.

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The Hand of God is a nostalgia trip for the director, Paolo Sorrentino, who tries to recreate his teenage years in Napoli. The film’s lead character, Fabietto Schisa, is played excellently by Filippo Scotti, and his innocent yet complex performance is one of the movie’s highlights.

The movie’s story is filled with humour, sadness, bravery, and emotions that tug at the heartstrings. The narrative is told from Fabietto’s perspective, who tries to mature as a person by reflecting on his experiences. The audience is taken on a journey through the joys and tragedies of Fabietto’s life.

The movie captures Sorrentino’s life experiences without romanticising them excessively, which makes it an autobiographical film worth watching. The 130-minute runtime may seem lengthy, but every scene adds to the story’s depth, ranging from sensual moments to heartwarming events.


The Hand of God (2021) is a powerful movie that showcases the director’s life experiences through its lead character. The film is filled with emotions and a memorable storyline that keeps you engaged from beginning to end. The remarkable cast’s excellent acting skills make the film an absolute must-watch.

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