Synopsis and Review of Horror Film Cult of Chucky
Synopsis and Review of Horror Film Cult of Chucky

Synopsis and Review of Horror Film Cult of Chucky

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“Cult of Chucky” is a 2017 horror and thriller film directed by Don Mancini. The movie tells the story of Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), who is transferred from a high-security mental hospital to a less secure one called Harrogate. Nica is paralyzed from the waist down but remembers a horrifying incident where her family was attacked by a demonic doll named Chucky. However, her claim is dismissed by doctors as a hallucination. Soon after Nica’s arrival at Harrogate, more and more patients start dying, and Chucky reappears to haunt Nica, who is now labeled as insane due to her belief in the existence of the evil doll. However, Chucky is real, and he has chosen Nica as his new host.

The Plot

Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), the original protagonist of the “Child’s Play” series, makes a comeback in this movie. He now keeps the remains of Chucky, which he had destroyed years before. When Chucky’s head turns up at Harrogate and starts talking, Andy realizes that he must destroy him once and for all. Meanwhile, Nica’s troubles escalate while Chucky finds a new host in a little girl named Alice, Nica’s niece, who has been left with troubled foster parents. Chucky’s plan is to transfer his soul into Alice’s body, and he won’t let anyone, not even Nica, stop him.

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The Experience

The film’s tone is much brighter than the previous entries, with a lot more emphasis on humor and self-awareness, which may disappoint hardcore fans of the franchise. However, the movie still delivers the thrills and scares that the fans know and love. The practical effects and animatronics used to bring Chucky to life are impressive, and the cinematography captures the haunting atmosphere of the mental hospital.


All in all, “Cult of Chucky” is a worthy addition to the “Child’s Play” franchise. It maintains the legacy of the original movies while bringing in a fresh take. The film offers a great balance of horror, humor, and self-reflection, making the viewing experience quite enjoyable. The plot’s twists and turns are genuinely surprising, and the movie will leave fans of horror and gore satisfied. So if you’re looking for a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, “Cult of Chucky” should be on your watchlist.
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