Synopsis and Review of Diana: The Musical on Netflix
Synopsis and Review of Diana: The Musical on Netflix

Synopsis and Review of Diana: The Musical on Netflix

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Diana: The Musical is a live recording of a Broadway musical production that tells the story of the life of Lady Diana Spencer, better known as Princess Diana. The musical follows her journey from her early days in the royal family to the conflicts and struggles she faced later on in her life.


Released in 2021, Diana: The Musical is a drama/musical produced by Netflix and directed by Christopher Ashley. The production features talented actors including Jeanna de Wall, Roe Hartrampf, and Erin Davie.

The musical begins with Diana’s introduction to Prince Charles. The Queen is growing concerned about Charles’ lack of a partner, and they make plans to marry him off to Diana. Although Charles and Diana begin dating, Camilla, Charles’ close friend, is always present at their outings.

As their relationship progresses, Diana begins to attract significant media attention. However, shortly before their wedding, Diana becomes indecisive and starts to sense that Charles and Camilla have an intimate connection. Despite her doubts, she decides to marry Charles.

After their marriage, Diana becomes a beloved figure to the British public. She is viewed as a representative of the British people due to her beauty, kindness, and closeness to her subjects. Diana transforms the image of the British royal family with her humble attitude.

Diana’s life with Charles becomes unhappy despite being blessed with two sons, William and Harry. Charles is still unable to sever his feelings for Camilla, and Diana’s mental health deteriorates as a result. She starts asking Charles for permission to be more involved in social activities to maintain her sanity.

Diana becomes more involved in charitable activities, breaking royal protocol by getting closer to her people. However, this upsets the Queen, who thinks of Diana as a noncompliant royal family member. Meanwhile, Charles and Camilla were progressing with their own relationship.

Diana also embarks on an affair with James Hewitt, a horse-riding instructor and former officer in the British Army. While Charles knew about the affair, he chose to ignore it as he was also having an affair with Camilla.

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Diana becomes more and more frustrated with her life in the palace, yearning to be free once again. Charles also continues to love Camilla and desires to marry her after she becomes a widow, knowing that he would never be king if he does. The Queen ultimately approves the divorce between Charles and Diana, and Charles goes on to marry Camilla.

Despite the divorce, Diana becomes happier since she could now be free to live her life, enjoy her activities, and pursue her happiness. Diana, however, insists that the palace cease monitoring or protecting her, despite the Queen’s insistence that she remain protected. Not too long after her partial release from royal protection, Diana dies in a car accident in Paris, France.

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Under the direction of Christopher Ashley, Diana: The Musical is a remarkable showcase of storytelling through music and songs. The musical captures the emotions of Diana and other characters perfectly, representing the complex struggles they faced. The performances of the actors are superb, their singing voices resonating with the audience.


Diana: The Musical on Netflix is an engaging and captivating production that gives viewers a sneak peek into the life of Princess Diana. Through storytelling and great music, viewers can gain a better understanding of Diana, the challenges she faced, and the impact she had on British society. Watch Diana: The Musical and you won’t be disappointed.

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