Synopsis and Review of David and the Elves Movie
Synopsis and Review of David and the Elves Movie

Synopsis and Review of David and the Elves Movie

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David and the Elves is a heartwarming Christmas movie from Poland, released on Netflix in December 2021. Directed by Michal Rogalski and written by Mateusz Kuczewski and Marcin Baczynski, the movie follows the story of David, an 11-year-old boy who is curious about the world of fairy tales and mythical creatures. At the same time, Albert, a fairy who is growing tired of his work as a Christmas elf, wishes to live in the human world. This is when the two meet and embark on a journey to spread Christmas cheer and happiness throughout the world. In this synopsis, we will discuss the movie in more detail, and review its strengths and weaknesses.


David and his family live in the Tatra Mountains in Poland, and are preparing for a joyful Christmas celebration. However, this will be the last Christmas they celebrate at home, as David’s parents are moving to Warsaw for work. Meanwhile, Santa Claus is preparing gifts for children in the North Pole, and Albert is awarded employee of the year for the fifth consecutive year. Despite this achievement, Albert feels disconnected from the festive spirit and believes that nobody genuinely cares about him. He decides to leave the North Pole and visit the human world, but his plan does not go as expected. Instead, he stays behind to help Santa Claus as the reindeer sleigh driver to deliver Christmas presents around the world.

David’s father, Piotrek, spends the remaining nights in Tatra taking his son for walks, and he points up to the sky telling David that Santa Claus is flying his sleigh high above them with Christmas presents. David, who believes in Christmas stories, waves his hand and greets Santa Claus. Albert, who is flying the sleigh with Santa Claus, sees David waving and waving back, even though he knows that David cannot see him.

One year later, on Christmas Eve, Albert finally leaves the North Pole to look for David. He believes that David is the only human who showed interest in his existence and might be able to ignite his Christmas spirit. When he finally finds him, he learns that David is struggling to adapt to the new city. They embark on an adventure to visit David’s grandparents’ house, and in the meantime, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus seek David’s parents’ help to find them, believing that they are missing. Together, they discover the true meaning of Christmas and learn the importance of family and friendship.
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Overall, David and the Elves is a family-friendly Christmas movie that brings forth a message of hope and love, perfectly timed for the festive season. The story is relatable and entertaining, and showcases the cultural and traditional values of Poland. The cinematography is delightful, with amazing scenes of Poland’s winter landscape and excellent CGI effects. The music is heartwarming and fitting perfectly with the movie’s tone.

The cast performances are also commendable, especially Jakub Zajac, who played Albert the fairy. Zajac smoothly portrayed the character’s metamorphosis from a successful but lonely elf to a joyful and compassionate fairy. Cyprian Grabowski, the young actor who played David’s role with naivety and charm, adds to the movie’s overall sweetness. However, the film’s pacing is slow at times, and the subplot with David’s parents and Santa Claus feels underdeveloped.


David and the Elves are an inspiring movie that will warm the hearts of all viewers. It highlights the importance of kindness, empathy, and cooperation to help overcome life’s toughest moments, especially during the holiday season. The movie’s story, visual effects, music and acting strengths make it an enjoyable family Christmas movie. It’s worth watching, and you will surely be moved by the film’s heartwarming message.

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