Synopsis and Review of Big Mouth (2022): A Thrilling Legal Investigation Drama
Synopsis and Review of Big Mouth (2022): A Thrilling Legal Investigation Drama

Synopsis and Review of Big Mouth (2022): A Thrilling Legal Investigation Drama

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Big Mouth (2022) is a Korean thriller legal investigation drama that has been making waves in conversations everywhere. The drama follows the life of Park Chang Ho, a struggling attorney with a winning percentage of less than 10%. With plenty of debts and a stagnant career, Chang Ho’s life takes a turn for the worse one fateful night when he is framed and accused of being the notorious Big Mouse, a criminal wanted by many.

As a desperate Chang Ho tries to clear his name and solve the mystery surrounding the case, he navigates through multiple twists and turns, encountering a multitude of suspicious characters along the way.

Directed by Oh Choong Hwan and starring Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoon Ah, Yang Kyung Won, Kim Joo Heon, and Ok Ja Yeon, Big Mouth (2022) features a diverse and talented cast of actors that bring the story to life.

Genre and Plot

Big Mouth (2022) is a thrilling legal investigation drama with a twist of comedy, action, romance, crime, mystery, and political themes. The plot revolves around Park Chang Ho, a struggling attorney who takes on a high-profile murder case involving four of his acquaintances.

Together with his wife, Go Mi Ho, and his father-in-law, Go Gi Gwang, Chang Ho navigates through the murky waters of legal battles, betrayal, lies, and deceit, trying to uncover the truth behind the murder case and clear his name from being accused of being Big Mouse.

Cast and Characters

Big Mouth (2022) features a star-studded cast of talented actors who bring depth and complexity to the characters they portray. Here are the main cast and their characters in the drama:

– Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho: A struggling attorney who is framed for a crime he did not commit and becomes embroiled in a high-profile murder case involving his acquaintances.

– Im Yoon Ah as Go Mi Ho: Chang Ho’s wife, who stands by him through thick and thin, supporting him through his legal battles and personal struggles.

– Yang Kyung Won as Go Gi Gwang: Chang Ho’s father-in-law, a seasoned lawyer who helps Chang Ho navigate through legal matters and offers guidance.

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– Kim Joo Heon as Choi Do Ha: The mayor of Gucheon, who recruits Chang Ho to handle the murder case.

– Ok Ja Yeon as Han Jae Ho: A surgeon and one of the four suspects in the murder case.


Big Mouth (2022) is a must-watch for fans of legal investigation dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat. The series features a captivating storyline that leaves no stone unturned as it delves into the complexities of a high-profile murder case involving individuals of great influence and power.

The drama boasts an impressive cast of actors who bring depth and emotion to their roles, making the characters feel relatable and authentic. Lee Jong Suk, in particular, delivers an outstanding performance as the lead character, Park Chang Ho, portraying the struggles and triumphs of a man who fights for justice in a corrupt society.

The series also features stellar cinematography, with visually stunning shots that enhance the overall viewing experience. The pacing of the series is well-done, maintaining a well-balanced mix of drama and action that never becomes too overwhelming.

One of the highlights of Big Mouth (2022) is its ability to keep the audience guessing until the end. The series boasts a cast of characters that are not what they seem, with each episode bringing new revelations and unexpected twists that keep you invested in the story.


In conclusion, Big Mouth (2022) is a thrilling legal investigation drama that delivers on all fronts. With a captivating storyline, impressive cast, and stellar cinematography, the series is a must-watch for fans of the genre. The drama is a testament to the power of storytelling, showcasing the complexities of the human experience, and the lengths one will go to fight for justice. So don’t miss out on this exciting journey, and tune in to Big Mouth (2022) today.

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