Synopsis and Review of Aggretsuko Season 4 – The Reality of the Working World
Synopsis and Review of Aggretsuko Season 4 – The Reality of the Working World

Synopsis and Review of Aggretsuko Season 4 – The Reality of the Working World

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Aggretsuko Season 4 continues the story of Retsuko, a red panda who struggles with her unfulfilling job at OTM Girls by singing death metal songs after work. However, after paying off her debts, Retsuko decides to leave the company and live a normal life. But, her workplace undergoes significant changes, and her relationship with Haida starts to develop.

The story starts when Retsuko moves to a new apartment and is accompanied home by Haida every day after work. Haida likes Retsuko but does not have the courage to confess his feelings. Fenneko tries to arrange a date for Retsuko and Haida, but their relationship becomes more distant and awkward each day. Meanwhile, the company experiences significant losses due to a project rejection by Washimi and the new director, Himuro. Ton, the director of the accounting division, is about to celebrate his 30th anniversary at the company and asks Retsuko to buy a gift for him.

The next day, Himuro is appointed as the new CEO of the company, and he tells Ton that the company is trying to cut costs, so he wants him to fire some of the members of the accounting division. Ton thinks hard about Himuro’s words, but he decides not to fire his subordinates.

Retsuko learns that Fenneko and Tsunoda have tricked Haida, and she confronts them. That night, Retsuko gets drunk while Fenneko explains Haida’s situation to her. She accidentally meets Himuro on her way home, and the two of them dine together with Fenneko. In a drunken state, Retsuko complains about Ton’s performance and attitude toward his subordinates. Shortly after that, Ton is transferred from the accounting division, though it is only a transfer to slowly remove him from the company.
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After listening to input from Tsunoda, Okami, and Gori, Retsuko visits Haida and confesses her feelings to him. However, as she is unsure of her feelings, she wants to get to know Haida better. Retsuko and Haida finally go on a date after Haida gathers the courage to ask her out.

Haida is given more responsibility as he becomes the new accounting director, replacing Yagyu. Meanwhile, Retsuko starts posting her death metal songs again to help Ton after receiving advice from Tadano. She hires Ton as an accounting consultant after successfully monetizing her channel. Both Retsuko and Haida become busier with their jobs. However, Retsuko is concerned about the secret work Haida is doing, so she asks for help from her friends to investigate.

Aggretsuko Season 4 has ten episodes with an average duration of 16-30 minutes. The story focuses on Retsuko and Haida’s daily lives in the working world. However, it also covers their romantic relationship. Retsuko is a good employee in the accounting division, and she discusses her work and love life with her friends outside the company.

In conclusion, Aggretsuko Season 4 brings new changes to Retsuko’s life, not only in her work but also in her relationships. The show also presents a realistic portrayal of the modern workplace, where events can change quickly, and everyone has to adapt to survive. It provides a fresh perspective on life’s challenges and how determination can lead to success.

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