Synopsis: Again My Life
Synopsis: Again My Life

Synopsis: Again My Life

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Again My Life is a Korean drama that was released in 2022. It is a drama that consists of 16 episodes, and is directed by Han Chul Soo. The drama casts some of the great actors and actresses such as Lee Joon Gi, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Ji Eun and Jung Sang Hoon. The plot of the story revolves around the life of a prosecutor named Kim Hee Woo, who has been given a second chance to live again. The prosecutor needs to put Cho Tae Sub behind bars, but it’s not going to be an easy task, as Tae Sub is a very powerful person. If the prosecutor fails, Hee Woo could die for the second time.

Episode 1-2:

Kim Hee Woo is a diligent prosecutor who is dedicated to his work. He has a strong determination to enforce the law and protect the public. Hee Woo is not afraid of anyone, including Cho Tae Sub, who is known to have a lot of influence. However, Hee Woo was warned to be careful if he persists in pursuing him. But he cannot let a corrupt person walk freely out there. After obtaining sufficient testimony from the Company Director who is a witness, Hee Woo becomes more confident. Unfortunately, Tae Sub is a tough opponent. During the interrogation by Hee Woo, Tae Sub ordered his men to threaten the safety of the Business Director who was a witness. Unfortunately, Hee Woo’s life also had to end at the hands of Tae Sub’s men.

Episode 3-6:

Hee Woo learns to win the auction of an apartment from an expert in real estate business named Woo Yong Soo. Interestingly, Yong Soo buys apartments that appear shabby and have no sales value. However, those apartments become the target of Cho Tae Sub. Hee Woo, who just joined the secret club with Choi Kang Jun and Jang Il Hyun, got a leak that Cho Tae Sub wanted the apartments owned by Yong Soo at a low price. Hee Woo tries to find a way to save Woo Yong Soo from Tae Sub’s cunning. In the previous life, he knew that Yong Soo would commit suicide because of bankruptcy. His efforts succeeded, and Yong Soo didn’t lose any money.

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In the middle of his success, Hee Woo was shocked to find out that one of Tae Sub’s workers was the woman in red who gave him a second life. Her name is Han Ji Hyun. Hee Woo then remembers the identity of Kim Hee A in his previous life. The girl is the youngest daughter and the only child of the Chunha Group Leader, Kim Gun Young. Kim Gun Young’s relation with Cho Tae Sub creates a connection between Hee Woo and Chunha Group.


Again My Life is a unique and intriguing drama that will captivate your attention with its intense storyline. The main character, Kim Hee Woo, is played exceptionally well by Lee Joon Gi, who brings the character’s emotions vividly to the screen. The plot is full of twists and turns that keep the audience on their toes, and the portrayal of the different characters is remarkable. Each episode will leave you wanting more as you follow the character’s journey to fulfill his duty and catch the corrupt person who escaped justice. If you want to experience an intense and thrilling drama with an element of mystery and fantasy, then Again My Life is the perfect choice for you.

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