Stain's Unexpected Return in My Hero Academia Chapter 400 - Epic Battle Ensues
Stain's Unexpected Return in My Hero Academia Chapter 400 - Epic Battle Ensues

Stain’s Unexpected Return in My Hero Academia Chapter 400 – Epic Battle Ensues

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In the latest installment of My Hero Academia, chapter 400 takes fans by surprise with the unexpected return of Stain, aka Chizome Akaguro. Known for his ruthless killings of Pro Heroes, Stain was once an aspiring hero who idolized the legendary All Might. However, disillusioned by the corrupt nature of the hero society, he dropped out of a Hero school and took on the role of a vigilante.

Chizome Akaguro believed in the idea of ‘Heroic Awakening,’ which he preached through street speeches. However, his message went largely unnoticed until he realized that actions and violence were necessary to bring about change in the Heroism world.

To achieve his goal, Stain trained rigorously in martial arts and disciplined himself. His parents’ tragic death, although the details remain unknown, served as a catalyst for his transformation into Stain- a feared villain with a strong conviction to eliminate the unworthy heroes.

Meanwhile, All Might, the Symbol of Peace, was engaged in a fierce battle against All For One (AFO). Utilizing various tactics, including his special quirks of Tentacole and Earphone Jack, All Might fought valiantly. He even immobilized AFO momentarily by transforming part of his armor into a ball using his Armor Morphon Creati.

Just as AFO tried to escape, Stain appeared out of nowhere and stopped him in his tracks. Licking AFO’s blood, Stain urged All Might to finish the battle. This surprising alliance between the former vigilante and the legendary hero shocked both their enemies and bystanders.

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The impact of the battle reached far beyond the borders, with even a child from another country caught up in the excitement. The child could not contain their enthusiasm as they passionately cheered for All Might, showing the profound influence the battle had on people.

However, the moment of victory was short-lived as a laser fired by a mysterious mobile device exploded, freeing AFO. To everyone’s surprise, AFO appeared transformed, resembling a child emitting a mysterious light. Stain, on the other hand, stood ready for action, undeterred by the unexpected turn of events.

This epic battle between Stain, All Might, and AFO leaves fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter. The manga continues to deliver captivating twists and turns, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

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