Spoiler One Piece 1089: Garp's Fate Revealed After Fight with Blackbeard
Spoiler One Piece 1089: Garp's Fate Revealed After Fight with Blackbeard

Spoiler One Piece 1089: Garp’s Fate Revealed After Fight with Blackbeard

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The highly anticipated chapter of One Piece, titled ‘Incident Siege’, is set to reveal the fate of Monkey D Garp after his intense battle with Blackbeard. This latest installment in the thrilling series explores the consequences of their encounter and the sinister plan devised by Admiral Kizaru.

In One Piece 1089, the story continues on Egghead Island, where Luffy and his crew find themselves. Alongside them is the brilliant scientist Vegapunk, whose presence indicates the significance of their current location. However, their safety is in great jeopardy as Admiral Kizaru sets his sights on capturing Luffy and his crew on Egghead Island.

The chapter begins by delving into the aftermath of Garp’s fight with Blackbeard. The public’s reaction to Garp’s defeat is showcased, highlighting the impact of this significant loss. Monkey D Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army and father of Luffy, may also become aware of Garp’s defeat, leading to further consequences in the future.

One of the key mysteries in One Piece 1089 revolves around Garp’s fate. It remains unclear whether he perished at the hands of Blackbeard or survived the grueling battle. Fans anxiously await the revelation, eager to learn the outcome that will undoubtedly shape future events in the series.


As the story unravels, news of a worldwide disaster and the disappearance of Lulusia comes to light. This event bears resemblance to the catastrophic incidents that occurred in Wano and Water 7, where mysterious holes appeared. The connection between these occurrences raises intriguing questions about the nature of Lulusia’s disappearance and its possible significance.

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The focus of One Piece 1089 remains on Egghead Island, as Luffy and his crew face the threat of Admiral Kizaru’s plan. The chapter sheds light on Kizaru’s sinister intentions, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. The perilous situation raises concerns about the safety of Luffy and his beloved crew.

Spoiler One Piece 1089 has been creating buzz on social media platforms, with fans eagerly anticipating the release. Oploverzz Telegram group has shared detailed spoilers, providing enthusiasts with additional insights into the upcoming chapter. Readers can find the full review on the Oploverzz Telegram group, indulging in the excitement and speculation surrounding the next installment of this beloved manga.

In conclusion, One Piece 1089 promises to be a captivating chapter, revealing Garp’s fate after his clash with Blackbeard and delving into the escalating danger that Luffy and his crew face on Egghead Island. The public’s reaction to Garp’s loss, the mysterious disappearance of Lulusia, and Admiral Kizaru’s treacherous plan add layers of suspense and uncertainty to the storyline. Fans of One Piece eagerly await the release of the chapter, ready to immerse themselves in the thrilling world created by the masterful storytelling of Eiichiro Oda.

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