Spoiler One Piece 1078: York's Betrayal and Vegapunk's Disappointment
Spoiler One Piece 1078: York's Betrayal and Vegapunk's Disappointment

Spoiler One Piece 1078: York’s Betrayal and Vegapunk’s Disappointment

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One Piece 1078: York’s Betrayal and Vegapunk’s Disappointment

In the latest spoiler of One Piece 1078, Vegapunk expresses his disappointment towards York for betraying the crew to become a Tenryuubito. The spoiler reveals the continuation of Luffy’s adventure with the Straw Hat Pirates on the Egghead Island.

The story takes a turn as a traitor is revealed, and a big incident is about to happen. The spoiler also showcases an epic fight between Sanji and Jinbei. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

In chapter One Piece 1078, named “Deadline for Escape,” Judge and Caesar are seen together on the cover. At the beginning of the chapter, CPO member Stussy communicates with Sentomaru through Den Den Mushi, revealing that the entire Marine force led by Admiral Kizaru is coming to Egghead Island.


Moreover, Gorosei Saturn also joins the mission, and it is predicted that the World Government will activate Buster Call towards Egghead Island, just like they did on Ohara Island.

On the following page, a fight ensues between Sanji and Seraphim Shark (Jinbei). The battle reaches a climax as Sanji displays his ultimate move against his opponent.

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Meanwhile, Franky is still conscious but unable to move as half of his body has turned to stone after fighting Seraphim Snake.

By the end of One Piece 1078, it is revealed that York, one of the six satellites of Vegapunk, is the traitor on Egghead Island.

Thus, fans cannot afford to miss the upcoming events in the One Piece 1078 chapter. Stay tuned for more updates.

In conclusion, the latest One Piece chapter promises to be packed with thrilling moments and unexpected twists in the storyline. From York’s betrayal to Vegapunk’s disappointment, the story is gripping and engaging. The fight scenes between Sanji and Jinbei and Franky’s unfortunate predicament will surely get fans excited for the upcoming chapter. So, gear up for another exciting adventure with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

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