Sinopsis and Review of Habibie & Ainun 3, A Story of Young Ainun
Sinopsis and Review of Habibie & Ainun 3, A Story of Young Ainun

Sinopsis and Review of Habibie & Ainun 3, A Story of Young Ainun

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Habibie & Ainun 3 is a sequel to the two previous movies that portrayed the love story of Indonesia’s third president, BJ Habibie, and his wife, Hasri Ainun Besari. In this movie, we follow the journey of a young Ainun in her earlier years. Directed by Hanung Bramantyo, the movie is a perfect biographical drama that tells us more about the life of one of Indonesia’s most inspiring women.


The movie takes place between the present time and the 1950s, where we witness BJ Habibie visiting Ainun’s grave on the anniversary of her passing. The family then conducts a dinner together in their home, during which the granddaughter of BJ Habibie asks him to tell her the story of her grandmother’s youth.

The movie then moves into a flashback where Habibie and Ainun were high school students. Both individuals shared admiration for each other. However, they eventually go their separate ways to pursue their dreams. Habibie continues his higher learning in Germany, while Ainun is accepted into medical school at Universitas Indonesia.

During that time, women’s roles were marginalized, especially concerning their contribution to society. From the orientation period, Ainun and her friend Arlis were always belittled by seniors because they were women. Professor Husodo, who was also in charge of their education, was very dismissive of the female students. Despite the challenges, Ainun proves herself to be a worthy doctor with her intelligence and capabilities, often admired by her fellow students.

One of the male law students, Ahmad, shows an interest in Ainun, but she hardly noticed him. As the story progresses, Ahmad and Ainun start to get closer. He later reveals that he is Professor Husodo’s son and also asks Ainun to be his girlfriend romantically.

While strolling in the night market, a child gets badly injured, and Ainun tries to stabilize his condition before being rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the child dies in the hospital, which causes Ainun to feel guilty. She then moves to Bandung, where she comes from, for some time. Her father encourages her and tells her that the child’s death was not her fault. Ainun believes him and comes back to Jakarta.

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In a dance party with her friends, Ainun witnesses a fight between Ahmad and his senior, Agus. This causes Ainun to ponder over their relationship. She later questions Ahmad’s future plans, and he responds that he wants to go abroad with Ainun because he does not believe in the capability of Indonesian women like Ainun. This leads to Ainun realizing that she is not on the same path with Ahmad, and they decide to break up.

The movie then returns to the present time, where Ainun’s granddaughter listens to the story of her grandmother’s youth. It ends with young Habibie and Ainun meeting in another dimension, followed by footage of BJ Habibie’s interview and funeral.


Habibie & Ainun 3 is a biographical drama that conveys a message of inspiration, especially concerning women’s emancipation in society. This movie shows the struggles faced by women in the past and their contribution to society, which has often gone unrecognized. If you want to watch a movie that is amazing in every aspect, from the acting to the storyline, then Habibie & Ainun 3 is the movie for you.

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