Shocking Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1084: Im Sama's Identity and Pluton's Disappearance Disclosed
Shocking Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1084: Im Sama's Identity and Pluton's Disappearance Disclosed

Shocking Revelations in One Piece Chapter 1084: Im Sama’s Identity and Pluton’s Disappearance Disclosed

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One Piece fans were in for a treat with chapter 1084 as Eiichiro Oda delivered some exciting surprises. The chapter, titled “Assassination Attempt on Celestial Dragons,” revealed the appearance of Im Sama, who made Raja Cobra sweat with fear at first sight. Along with this, it was disclosed that Queen Lily disappeared along with the ancient weapon, Pluton, which was supposed to be in Alabasta. Here’s a full spoiler rundown of One Piece 1084, including Im Sama’s shocking reveal and facts regarding the ancient weapon, Pluton.

The chapter begins with a panel showing Rob Lucci forcing Princess Vivi to come with him. He tells her that he’s been instructed to keep the princess of Alabasta safe while in Pangea castle. Lucci reveals that he knows her connection with Luffy and that she won’t escape divine punishment. The “divine punishment” mentioned here is Im Sama.

The scene then shifts to Gorosei and Raja Cobra discussing Queen Lily’s disappearance 800 years ago. The bald Gorosei tells Cobra that he has been suspicious of the incident since Crocodile attempted to take over the kingdom. When Cobra asks about Pluton, Gorosei says that it was once related to his ancestors, but now there is something more complex behind it. It was revealed that Queen Lily vanished after vowing to fix her mistake, which was possibly letting Joy Boy take Pluton from Alabasta. Cobra is plagued by guilt passed down to the next generation and doesn’t want Princess Vivi to be burdened by the sins of her predecessors.

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Moving out of Pangea Castle, Princess Shirahoshi is attacked by slaves and Celestial Dragon agents because she got separated from the Fishman Island delegation due to the revolt’s chaos. Don Sai and Leo rescue Shirahoshi and take on the agents. When Saint Carlos attempts to attack Shirahoshi, she crushes the depraved Celestial Dragon accidentally.

Bonney is then shown shaking the unconscious Saint Rosweld and wanting to know where the Celestial Dragons took Bartholomew Kuma. Morley appears from underground and reveals that he’s holding Kuma underground. Bonney realizes that Revolutionary Army caused the chaos that involved her father.

In the final scene of the chapter, Im Sama appears in the room where Gorosei and Cobra are present. The latter is surprised, while Gorosei looks terrified at the sight. Im Sama then sits on the throne and says, “Descendant of Lily…” Cobra’s face turns pale as he sees the true ruler of the World Government.

One Piece chapter 1084 concluded with a horror message that there won’t be any chapter next week. The revelations made in this chapter have left fans astonished and craving for more.

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