Shocking Revelation in One Piece Chapter 1083 - Teras Gorontalo
Shocking Revelation in One Piece Chapter 1083 - Teras Gorontalo

Shocking Revelation in One Piece Chapter 1083 – Teras Gorontalo

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One Piece Chapter 1083 has left fans stunned with a shocking revelation. In the spoiler manga, the Gorosei and their buster call finally arrive at Egghead. What’s even more surprising is that Gorosei Saturn, with his unimaginable strength, was able to defeat Luffy who was already in Nika mode. Fans had predicted that Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, an elder of the World Government, must possess great fighting skills due to his numerous scars indicating past battles. Some speculate that Gorosei Saturn was even the one who defeated Nika before Monkey D Luffy.

Despite this, Luffy, in his Nika form, was expected to put up a good fight and escape from Egghead. Unfortunately, the predictions of fans did not happen in One Piece Chapter 1083. It was too early for Monkey D Luffy to fight an old World Government member. To learn more about the manga spoilers, read on for a detailed discussion of One Piece Chapter 1083.

Several chapters after, Eiichiro Oda finally shows the current situation on Egghead Island. The island is in chaos after the buster call squad arrived and began attacking and hunting the crew of Monkey D Luffy. Fortunately, the researchers on Egghead Island successfully escaped. Gorosei, who is also an expert user of kenbunshoku haki, immediately rushed to Luffy’s location along with Kizaru. Meanwhile, Rob Lucci was shocked to see them and attempted to escape. Unfortunately, Gorosei considered him a traitor and instructed Kizaru to kill him. With one blast of light from Kizaru, Rob Lucci falls and Luffy turns into Nika form, furious about his friend’s death.

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At the same time, Gorosei Saturn orders Seraphim to capture Vegapunk. Upon seeing Luffy in his white form, Gorosei Saturn remembers the past battle they had and immediately uses his strongest technique to defeat him. It was like Luffy’s first encounter with Kaido, where he fell with just one hit. Gorosei Saturn launched a powerful attack using his haki-infused staff. One Piece 1083 ends with Luffy lying defenseless on the ground.

However, the truth behind the One Piece 1083 spoilers cannot be confirmed as they have not come from a reliable leaker such as Reddon. Fans must wait for the official release to see what happens to Luffy after Gorosei Saturn’s attack and to find out if the spoilers are true.

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