Shanks' Emotional Reaction: Unheard Dialogues and Speculation
Shanks' Emotional Reaction: Unheard Dialogues and Speculation

Shanks’ Emotional Reaction: Unheard Dialogues and Speculation

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When it comes to the world of One Piece, there are always mysteries and unanswered questions that keep fans guessing. In chapter 968, a crucial conversation between Roger and Shanks is discussed, shedding light on Shanks’ emotional response and raising speculations about his role in the grand treasure hunt.

The chapter presents some key points that are worth exploring further. Firstly, the possibility of Shanks asking Roger about their next adventure, only to discover that their journey had come to an end. This revelation may have had a profound impact on Shanks, considering the close bond he shared with Roger and the adventures they experienced together.

Furthermore, there are indications that Roger’s last adventure failed to obtain the main treasure of Joy Boy. This failure adds another layer of complexity to Shanks’ emotional reaction. Did he feel a sense of disappointment or responsibility for not being able to obtain the treasure? And could this be the reason behind his tears?

Interestingly, it is speculated that Roger may have entrusted Shanks with the task of accessing the Joy Boy treasure. This speculation gains more weight when we consider Shanks’ upbringing on the Oro Jackson, the legendary ship that belonged to Roger. Shanks was given Roger’s iconic straw hat, symbolizing a strong bond between them. Could this mean that Shanks holds the key to unlocking the treasure?

Another intriguing speculation is the possibility of Shanks or his fellow pirate, Buggy, having a connection to the Tenryuubito. The Tenryuubito, also known as the World Nobles, are descendants of the original 20 ruling families and have immense power and privilege. If Shanks or Buggy were related to them, it would explain their knowledge of the world’s secrets and their encounters with powerful figures in the One Piece universe.

The idea that Roger found clues about Shanks’ family at Laugh Tale, the final island in the Grand Line, further adds to the intrigue. If Roger uncovered information about Shanks’ lineage, it is understandable why Shanks would have such an emotional reaction. Discovering his own roots and the role he might play in the search for the Joy Boy treasure would undoubtedly be overwhelming.

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The speculation surrounding Shanks’ connection to the Tenryuubito is reinforced by the introduction of the character Figarland Garling. Garling, a prominent member of the Celestial Dragons, possesses a scar similar to the one Shanks has. This similarity raises questions about their potential familial ties and the secrets they may hold.

Interestingly, it is revealed that Shanks was discovered by Roger and Rayleigh in a treasure chest taken from God Valley. This connection between Shanks and the former Pirate King’s crew adds another layer of intrigue to his story. What role did Shanks play in Roger’s final adventure, and how does it relate to the Joy Boy treasure?

As fans speculate on these unanswered questions, it is clear that Shanks’ emotional response is shaped by a combination of factors. The end of their adventures, the failure to obtain the Joy Boy treasure, and the possibility of Shanks having a significant role in accessing the treasure all contribute to his emotional turmoil.

In conclusion, the unheard dialogues between Roger and Shanks in chapter 968 of One Piece have opened up a world of speculation and intrigue. Shanks’ emotional reaction holds the key to unraveling the mysteries surrounding his character and his connection to the Tenryuubito. As fans eagerly await further revelations in the story, only time will tell which speculations prove to be correct.

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