Shanks Discovers His Tenryuubito Heritage in One Piece 1087
Shanks Discovers His Tenryuubito Heritage in One Piece 1087

Shanks Discovers His Tenryuubito Heritage in One Piece 1087

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Shanks Discovers His Tenryuubito Heritage and Cries in One Piece 1087

In the latest chapter of the beloved manga series One Piece, Chapter 1087, an emotional moment is revealed between two iconic characters, Shanks and Roger. This pivotal scene has left fans astounded and eager for more. In this article, we delve into the key points and explore the significance of this moment in Shanks’ journey.

The chapter opens with nine-year-old Shanks, crying and embracing the legendary pirate, Roger. The reason behind Shanks’ tears is soon revealed – his connection to the mysterious Tenryuubito. This revelation comes as a shock to both Shanks and readers alike, as the young pirate had never suspected his noble heritage.

Roger, with his vast knowledge and experience, confirms Shanks’ suspicions about his Tenryuubito lineage. However, instead of making the decision for Shanks, Roger leaves it up to the young boy to decide his own path. Shanks is faced with a difficult choice – to embrace his heritage and continue with Roger’s crew or to turn away from it and forge a new path.

Shanks admits that he had heard rumors about his Tenryuubito bloodline before. These rumors had plagued his thoughts, creating a sense of uncertainty. The weight of his heritage becomes even more apparent as he decides not to venture to Laugh Tale, the legendary island that is said to hold all the answers.

In a surprising turn of events, Shanks decides to stay in a town to care for a sick Buggy, another member of Roger’s crew. This decision reflects Shanks’ loyalty and compassion, as he puts the needs of his friend above his own desires. However, his choice to stay behind also highlights his feelings of unworthiness to accompany Roger’s crew, given his newfound knowledge of his Tenryuubito background.

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Fans were already aware of Shanks’ meeting with the Gorosei in Mariejoa. This meeting was a result of Shanks’ Figarland bloodline, which led to the Gorosei’s interest in him. However, his upbringing by Roger raised questions about how he had come to know of his Tenryuubito heritage. The truth is revealed when Shanks tearfully asks Roger about his lineage, and Roger confirms it, causing Shanks to break down.

It is important to note that Shanks’ tears are not only a product of his surprise at his heritage, but also his struggle with feelings of unworthiness. Shanks had always admired and looked up to Roger and his crew, and now he feels inadequate to stand alongside them. His tears represent his emotional turmoil and the weight of the decision he must make.

Moreover, Roger’s mention of it being a long time since he held a baby further adds to the significance of Shanks’ revelation. This implies that Roger had known about Shanks’ lineage even before their conversation, raising questions about the true extent of Roger’s knowledge.

In conclusion, Chapter 1087 of One Piece unveils a deeply emotional and pivotal moment in Shanks’ journey. The revelation of his Tenryuubito heritage and his subsequent feelings of unworthiness have placed him at a crossroads. Shanks’ tears serve as a reminder of the complexity and depth of his character, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this captivating manga series.

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