Shanks Clashes with Eustass Captain Kid in One Piece Chapter 1079
Shanks Clashes with Eustass Captain Kid in One Piece Chapter 1079

Shanks Clashes with Eustass Captain Kid in One Piece Chapter 1079

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In the latest chapter of One Piece manga, chapter 1079, Shanks faces off against Eustass Captain Kid in a battle on Pulau Elbaf. The chapter is expected to feature several plot points, including the clash between the two pirate captains and more developments on the island.

The story begins with the aftermath of York’s betrayal and attack on Shaka, which happened in the previous chapter. Shanks asks Hongo for any updates on Blackbeard but receives no new information. However, he acknowledges the growing power of Eustass Captain Kid, who has a bounty of 3 billion.

Shanks tests the strength of Eustass Captain Kid before the fight. After ensuring that Kid has sufficiently recovered from his injuries sustained in the Wano Country battle, the two begin their battle. Eustass Captain Kid launches a massive railgun attack, followed by a cannonball barrage that appears to destroy Shanks’ entire fleet of ships.

Shanks realizes that Eustass Captain Kid’s attack was a vision of the future that he obtained through his advanced observational skills. Realizing the danger that Kid poses, Shanks attacks with a large thrust using the “Divine Departure” technique that Gol D Roger used against Kozuki Oden in the past.
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Eustass Captain Kid and Killer are defeated with a single blow, and the entire crew pleads for mercy from Shanks, who eventually leaves with all of their Road Poneglyph copies. Meanwhile, Dorry and Brogy destroy Victoria Punk with their devastating “Warrior Nation” attack.

One Piece chapter 1079 is expected to release on Sunday, March 26, 2023, and readers can find it online through various platforms. This battle between Shanks and Eustass Captain Kid is not one to be missed.

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