Shanks and Kurohige Arrive at Hachinosu: One Piece 1087 Explained
Shanks and Kurohige Arrive at Hachinosu: One Piece 1087 Explained

Shanks and Kurohige Arrive at Hachinosu: One Piece 1087 Explained

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In the latest One Piece chapter 1087, fans were surprised by the unexpected arrival of Shanks and Kurohige at Hachinosu. This sudden appearance has sparked numerous speculations and discussions among avid One Piece followers.

Shanks, known as the father of Yonkou Akagami no Shanks, has always intrigued fans with his mysterious persona. However, his arrival at Hachinosu has taken everyone by surprise. While most fans were shocked, there was one person who remained unsurprised – Garp.

It turns out that Shanks and Kurohige’s presence in Hachinosu is related to a mission bestowed upon them by the Gorosei, the highest authority in the World Government. There has been a deal between Shanks and the Gorosei to spare the life of Monkey D Garp. Instead, Shanks has been tasked with the mission to eliminate him.

The Gorosei deems Garp as unnecessary and a potential threat to their secrets. His extensive knowledge about the World Government, particularly his understanding of Im Sama’s actions, poses a danger that needs to be eliminated. This is why the Gorosei has assigned Shanks and Kurohige to carry out this mission.

To execute their plan, Shanks and Kurohige have joined forces. They aim to lure Monkey D Garp to Hachinosu, and Kurohige has even resorted to kidnapping Coby, a close acquaintance of Garp, to convince him to come to Hachinosu.

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Ultimately, it is Shanks who will deliver the fatal blow to Monkey D Garp, but the blame will be put on Kurohige. This intricately planned operation aims to remove Garp from the equation without implicating the World Government or Shanks himself.

Interestingly, Garp is not ignorant of Shanks’ affiliation with the World Government. Both have a history of fighting together against the notorious Rocks pirate group. Garp’s astute understanding leads him to realize that Shanks’ arrival at Hachinosu is not a friendly reunion, but a mission to kill him.

In conclusion, Shanks and Kurohige’s sudden arrival at Hachinosu in One Piece 1087 has left fans in awe. However, the true motive behind their presence is revealed to be a mission assigned by the Gorosei to eliminate Monkey D Garp. With Garp already aware of their intentions, the stage is set for an intense battle between these formidable characters in the world of One Piece.

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