Sanji's New Kick Technique Against Seraphim Shark in One Piece 1078 Spoiler
Sanji's New Kick Technique Against Seraphim Shark in One Piece 1078 Spoiler

Sanji’s New Kick Technique Against Seraphim Shark in One Piece 1078 Spoiler

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One Piece 1078: Sanji Shows Off His Latest Kick Technique Against Seraphim Shark

In the latest spoiler for One Piece 1078, it has been revealed that Sanji will unleash his ultimate kick technique against Seraphim Shark. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen next in Luffy and his gang’s adventure in the manga series.

Social media is buzzing with the news of the One Piece 1078 spoiler. Netizens are sharing pieces of the story, including updates on Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirate crew. The upcoming chapter will also feature the continuation of the fight between Sanji and Seraphim Shark, the aftermath of Franky’s attack, and the unveiling of a traitor on Egghead Island.

Fans are excitedly waiting for the release of One Piece 1078 to see what happens next. The chapter is titled “The our siteal Deadline” and will have the Neo Mads on the cover page. The first page reveals a traitor on Egghead Island, who shockingly turns out to be one of the six satellites created by Vegapunk. The traitor reveals a motive for their actions and confesses their desire to become a Tenryuubito, or one of the noble families.
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In the next section, we see Sanji taking on Seraphim Shark (Jinbei) in a fierce battle. Sanji successfully corners Seraphim Shark and unleashes his latest kick technique to end the fight.

Meanwhile, a few pages later, viewers see Franky still conscious after his fight with Seraphim Snake. Although he is unable to move as half of his body has turned to stone.

In the our siteal moments of One Piece 1078, readers are left shocked as events on Egghead Island are set to shake up the world. The arrival of Kizaru and Saturn at the end of the chapter adds to the intrigue and leaves readers with more questions than answers.

As the One Piece saga continues to unfold, fans can’t wait to see where the journey takes them next.

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