Sabo's Return and Im Sama's Threat in One Piece Chapter 1082
Sabo's Return and Im Sama's Threat in One Piece Chapter 1082

Sabo’s Return and Im Sama’s Threat in One Piece Chapter 1082

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The arrival of Sabo in One Piece chapter 1082 by Eiichiro Oda surprised many fans. For a while, many assumed that Sabo had died following the incident in Lulucia, which was seemingly destroyed by Im Sama after Sabo discovered that Im Sama had taken the throne that should have been vacant.

After learning the secret that he was not supposed to discover, Sabo became a target. He contacted Dragon to report the incident and his location, but their conversation was intercepted by the Navy. In that same moment, Lulucia disappeared from the One Piece world map, and all of it was due to Im Sama’s doing. However, Sabo seemed to have predicted this turn of events. He returned unscathed, clarifying that he was not in Lulucia at the time of its destruction. He had instead been with the people of Lulucia who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army.

Sabo’s return to the Revolutionary Army poses a threat to Im Sama’s reign. With Sabo’s knowledge about Im Sama’s secret, it won’t be long until the truth is revealed to everyone. But Im Sama won’t let that happen, and Sabo has become their number one target. Im Sama might even send the remaining four Gorosei to Mariejoa to capture Sabo. With the Gorosei’s movements being tracked, it is highly possible.

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Sabo’s life is now in danger, but Dragon won’t leave him alone. It is uncertain what the government officials will do next, but one thing is for sure – Sabo’s movements in the future will be highly monitored and guarded, and Im Sama won’t let anyone threaten their throne. Fans should watch out for the upcoming chapters as Sabo and the Revolutionary Army try to fend off any threats that may come their way.
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