Sabo: The Strongest of the ASL Trio in Teras Gorontalo
Sabo: The Strongest of the ASL Trio in Teras Gorontalo

Sabo: The Strongest of the ASL Trio in Teras Gorontalo

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Sabo, Luffy, and Ace are known as the ASL Trio who share a brotherly bond even though they only exchanged sake cups when they were young. They are seen as strong individuals as they reach adulthood. Despite the training they underwent together, evidence shows that Sabo is superior in terms of strength compared to Luffy and Ace. The main reason is that he has already learned the power of Haki since he was a child. Sabo not only trained his agility and physical strength, but also his intellectual ability. His brain power is far beyond his two brothers, Ace and Luffy.

Sabo was directly trained by the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey D Dragon, who is also known as the father of Luffy. Eiichiro Oda demonstrated the training sessions Sabo had to go through after being saved by Monkey D Dragon. Ace and Luffy, at the same age, were not even aware of the power of Haki, although they had great potential to awaken it.

However, Luffy was able to awaken the power of Haki a few years after becoming a pirate and defeating several enemies. On the other hand, Ace and Luffy relied more on the power of their Devil Fruits, while Sabo was able to conquer his enemies with only Haki. Sabo became even stronger after eating Ace’s Devil Fruit power. Soon after acquiring the power, he was even given the title of Fire Emperor.

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It is suspected that Sabo will also be able to awaken the power of the Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit or even enter the awakening stage, just like Luffy did. The latter was able to change the color of the fire to become blue and hotter than the Magma Akainu.

All this evidence indicates that Sabo is indeed stronger than Luffy and Ace, and his training under Monkey D Dragon surely played a considerable role in his immense strength. However, Sabo could not realize his dream of becoming a pirate like Luffy and Ace, but they all share the same goal of achieving freedom and fighting against injustice. That’s why Sabo decided to remain with the Revolutionary Army to fight against the World Government and bring peace to the world.

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