Sa Balik Baju (2021) Movie Synopsis and Review
Sa Balik Baju (2021) Movie Synopsis and Review

Sa Balik Baju (2021) Movie Synopsis and Review

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Sa Balik Baju (2021) is a Malaysian movie that illuminates how social media has become an integral aspect of our lives in today’s world. Directed by Lina Tan, the film is presented in six interesting plots, which are not only captivating but also reflect a lot of hidden secrets that social media harbors. It showcases how the women in our society are affected by social media and how they come to terms with it in various ways. The film stars well-known celebrities from Malaysia and despite its simplistic approach, the cinematography and scoring are enjoyable.


The movie begins with Dahlia’s story, a writer who loses her job due to the waning influence of print media in the digital age of social media. She is unable to find a new job and is in desperate need of income. One night, an idea strikes her, and she decides to sell women’s lingerie specifically. Although Dahlia is initially confused about the wide range of lingerie options, she realizes that social media can help her gain a steady income. Through social media, Dahlia also helps many women to maintain their harmony at home by offering them valuable advice on how to be more confident in front of their husbands.

Moreover, through social media, Dahlia makes friends with a young girl who is already married and somewhat insecure about her body. Dahlia guides her and recommends the right lingerie that enhances her body and builds her confidence. What surprised Dahlia was that the girl was nothing more than a high school student.

The story also revolves around Myra, a beauty influencer who dislikes wearing makeup and dressing up since the birth of her first child. This behavior is affecting her job as her fans and clients are not satisfied with her. Although Myra’s husband advises her to take the matter into her own hands, she still cannot bring herself to do it. Her pregnancy hormones cause her to become unstable, and she becomes stressed when prompted to interview. Her fans capture her struggles and share it on social media.
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Another story highlights Salina’s concerns regarding her large breasts that make it difficult for her to find the right bra size. This issue makes her feel stressed and embarrassed. One day, she meets a woman named Sally who has breasts the same size as Salina. Sally advises her not to be ashamed of her body but rather be confident about it. She even shares details of how she fought and survived breast cancer.

The other stories revolve around women and their experiences with social media. For instance, Aria lives in a conservative family and finds herself suffocating because of her family’s beliefs. Sierra, a social media influencer, suspects her husband of infidelity and is hurt by the rumors surrounding them. Hannah joins a dating app and ends up finding true love.


Sa Balik Baju (2021) is a unique film that revolves around the lives of women and their dealings with social media. It highlights the various challenges and issues women face in their daily lives and how social media impacts their decisions. It presents a narrative that is realistic, emotional, and relatable to women of all ages. A must-watch for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the true nature of social media and its effects on the everyday lives of women.

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