Revealing the Shocking Truth Behind Im Sama's Betrayal of 20 Countries in One Piece 1085
Revealing the Shocking Truth Behind Im Sama's Betrayal of 20 Countries in One Piece 1085

Revealing the Shocking Truth Behind Im Sama’s Betrayal of 20 Countries in One Piece 1085

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One Piece 1085 may have just gone on a break and yet to air for fans. However, there is an interesting revelation from chapter 1084 of One Piece last week. During the episode, Cobra, the King of Alabasta, revealed a 20-country agreement in One Piece. According to him, there should not be any representatives from any country who can sit on the throne of the world government. His statement stopped abruptly upon seeing a figure slowly climbing the empty throne. As a result, Cobra died after seeing Im Sama was sitting on the throne, confirming that Im Sama had betrayed the 20-country agreement in One Piece.

Im Sama has been known to have violated the agreement of hundreds of years ago in the One Piece series, which eventually led to Cobra’s death after seeing Im Sama take the throne. Aside from Cobra, another character who saw Im Sama sitting on the throne was the commander of the revolutionary army, Sabo. Sabo is currently preparing to reveal what he saw in Marijoa to Monkey D Dragon. Moreover, Sabo was surprised to see that the throne, which should have been empty, was already occupied by someone whose identity remains unknown in One Piece. Following the sight of Im Sama occupying the empty throne, Sabo was accused of murdering Cobra by the World Government, despite his denial after returning from Marijoa.

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The character of Im Sama in One Piece still has many mysteries, and fans have yet to predict who the highest leader of the world government is. However, Oda has begun to provide clues on who Im Sama might be in One Piece. Im Sama is likely to be related to Alabasta, where Luffy and his crew defeated the pirate Crocodile.

One Piece is a Japanese story that was first published in manga form on July 22, 1997, and two years later, the anime version followed. Since then, One Piece has become a global cultural phenomenon, broken many records, and won the hearts of anime enthusiasts. The narrations of One Piece revolve around the adventures of brave pirates led by Monkey D Luffy pursuing One Piece, a treasure coveted by all pirates. After 25 years and 490 million copies sold worldwide, the creator, Eiichiro Oda, announced that One Piece is nearing its final chapter.

Disclaimer: Discussion of One Piece in this article is theoretical and may or may not be accurate. This article is made for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to preempt the story’s content.

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