Revealing the Name of One of the Five Elders - St. Jaygarcia Saturn - What Does It Mean?
Revealing the Name of One of the Five Elders - St. Jaygarcia Saturn - What Does It Mean?

Revealing the Name of One of the Five Elders – St. Jaygarcia Saturn – What Does It Mean?

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In the world of One Piece, the naming conventions of different groups vary significantly. The Seven Warlords of the Sea are named after animals, while the beast pirates are named after card games. However, the Five Elders, also known as Lima Sesepuh, have had their naming conventions shrouded in mystery until now. In this article, we will analyze the name of one of the Five Elders, St. Jaygarcia Saturn, and explore what his name might mean.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn is the only name that has been revealed so far in Chapter 1073, “Miss Buckingham Stussy.” The name has multiple interpretations that may suggest a theme for the remaining Four Elders’ names. The first step towards understanding their naming conventions is to interpret St. Jaygarcia Saturn’s name.

As per One Piece Fandom, Gorosei, which translates to “Five Elder Stars,” is the governing body that rules over the entire world, commanding the Navy, the Cipher Pol, and the Shichibukai. Thus, the Five Elders play a crucial role in the world of One Piece.

St. Jaygarcia Saturn’s last name, Saturn, is a significant hint that the theme for the Elders’ names could be planet names. Four planet names, Uranus, Neptunus, Pluto, and Saturnus, have already been used in the narrative. Leaving the names of the remaining planets, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Earth, available for use as Four Elders’ names.

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Saturnus is a Roman god for the planet Saturn, and four of the remaining planets, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury, are also Roman gods. This dichotomy might signify how the Roman pantheon replaced the Greek pantheon when the Roman Empire rose to power.

Moreover, St. Jaygarcia’s first name might be a reference to Jerry Garcia, a famous Grateful Dead singer or Russ Garcia, who wrote “The Lost Souls of Saturn.” But it could also be inspired by famous musicians, and until more names are revealed, it is impossible to tell.

In conclusion, the naming conventions of the Five Elders are beginning to unravel, revealing astrological themes. St. Jaygarcia Saturn’s name provides a significant clue that the Elders might be named after planets, particularly Roman gods. We are excited to learn more about the remaining Four Elders and their naming conventions in the upcoming One Piece chapters.

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