Revealing Facts About Im's Powers and Abilities that Shocked King Cobra at Marijoa
Revealing Facts About Im's Powers and Abilities that Shocked King Cobra at Marijoa

Revealing Facts About Im’s Powers and Abilities that Shocked King Cobra at Marijoa

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One Piece is one of the most-watched anime shows, and it has been entertaining its fans for years. In the latest episode of One Piece, we saw King Cobra from the Kingdom of Alabasta, who was surprised about Im’s powers and abilities during a meeting at Marijoa. Let’s dive into the details and explore the mysterious Im’s powers.

Chapter 1084 of the One Piece manga revealed that King Nefertari Cobra was present in the meeting with Gorosei. The latest chapter continues from the previous one, where we saw King Cobra entering Gorosei’s room. Social media is abuzz with leaked videos of Cobra’s meeting with Gorosei. It is being said that they discussed the mysterious Im’s that made King Cobra surprised.

Im’s powers and abilities are unclear its full extent, but the fact that they sit on the Empty Throne is enough to indicate they hold the highest authority in the world. Moreover, Gorosei, the top governing body of the World government, bows down to them. This shows that Im has the greatest authority and power that is known in the world government.

It is not clear what Im’s abilities are, but their inherent power has made King Cobra shocked. The scope of Im’s full abilities is debatable, but it’s clear that they have powers that surpass all others in the One Piece world. The Empty Throne, which Im occupies, represents supreme power and authority. Few individuals have access to this throne and those that do are tasked with running the government and ensuring everything runs smoothly.
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In conclusion, the recent One Piece episode showcased King Cobra’s surprise about Im’s powers and abilities at the Marijoa. Though the true nature of these powers is unclear, Im’s authority and power are unmatchable. Sitting on the Empty Throne and being bowed down to by Gorosei, the highest-ranking officials of the World Government, is enough to convey the true power of Im. With its uniqueness, One Piece is keeping its fans engaged and will surely reveal more exciting events in the future episodes.

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