Powerful Abilities in One Piece Besides Devil Fruits and Haki
Powerful Abilities in One Piece Besides Devil Fruits and Haki

Powerful Abilities in One Piece Besides Devil Fruits and Haki

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One Piece is a world full of incredible abilities, and Devil Fruits and Haki are the primary sources of power. However, some characters possess other impressive abilities that are not to be underestimated. In this article, we will explore the powerful abilities in One Piece besides Devil Fruits and Haki.

1. Karate Manusia Ikan

Karate Manusia Ikan is one of the strongest martial arts in the One Piece world. Merfolk and Fishmen mainly use this ability, but humans can also learn it with proper training. This fighting style depends on manipulating the moisture in the atmosphere, allowing the user to cause internal damage to anything with moisture content. Jinbe, the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, is an expert in Karate Manusia Ikan, and his true potential is yet to be seen.

2. Rokushiki

Rokushiki is a combat style that the World Government developed, and it is mainly used by Cipher Pol agents. While some of the Rokushiki techniques are Haki-based, others have no connection to Haki and are still powerful, such as Soru. Users of Rokushiki can access a unique ability called Rokuogan, which enables them to shoot powerful shockwaves from their fists. So far, Rob Lucci is the only character to use this ability in the series.

3. Kekuatan Lunarian

The Lunarian race is one of the most overpowered races in the One Piece universe. While Lunarians are nearly extinct, they have phenomenal physical resilience, enabling them to survive in any environment. They have white hair, brown skin, giant black wings, and an eternal flame that burns on their backs. Lunarians also have a high defense and can easily manipulate fire. Furthermore, the Lunarians can attain extreme speed while maintaining incredible endurance, making them overpowered without the use of Devil Fruits or Haki.


4. Peningkatan Ilmiah Germa

The Germa Kingdom’s scientific enhancements are the key to understanding the truth behind Devil Fruits and other sources of power. The Germa Kingdom’s scientific improvements focus on manipulating the Genetic Lineage Factor, which means changing DNA. Vinsmoke Judge, the leader of the Germa Kingdom, conducted experiments on his children and genetically enhanced them to become superhumans with exoskeletons, extraordinary strength, speed, and high regenerative factors, albeit at the cost of their emotions.

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5. Kostum Sergap

The Germa Kingdom’s Kostum Sergap is another source of power that is not inferior to the Genetic Lineage Factor. It is a powerful suit that enhances the Vinsmoke family members, making them stronger and more durable. With the help of Kostum Sergap, Vinsmoke gains access to a variety of weapons and incredible scientific abilities. Sanji, for example, could withstand attacks that could level an entire city when he wore Kostum Sergap.

6. Kemampuan Mengendalikan Makhluk Legendaris

The strongest ability in the One Piece universe might not pertain to Haki or Devil Fruits. It is the power to control legendary creatures that could destroy the world. Shirahoshi can control all the Sea Kings that can demolish islands and destroy continents. Meanwhile, Momonosuke has a similar ability to control Zunesha, a giant elephant. While this power may not be as dangerous as Shirahoshi’s, it is still terrifying.

In conclusion, One Piece is a world full of fantastic abilities that are not limited to Devil Fruits and Haki. Karate Manusia Ikan, Rokushiki, Kekuatan Lunarian, Ilmiah Germa, Kostum Sergap, and Kemampuan Mengendalikan Makhluk Legendaris are examples of the various abilities characters possess in the One Piece universe.

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