Overlord IV Synopsis: Ainz's Struggle as King and His Dream of Utopia
Overlord IV Synopsis: Ainz's Struggle as King and His Dream of Utopia

Overlord IV Synopsis: Ainz’s Struggle as King and His Dream of Utopia

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Overlord IV (2022) is the fourth season of the popular anime series, adapted from the light novel series by Maruyama Kugane. Fans of the series have eagerly awaited the continuation of Ainz’s story as he leads his kingdom. This synopsis will dive into the storyline of Overlord IV and explore the significant events, characters, and subplots that shape Ainz’s journey as a king.

Ainz’s Struggle with Leadership

Ainz finds himself worried about how he can effectively lead his magical kingdom as its king. Although Ainz is surrounded by talented and loyal individuals, he still experiences fear and uncertainty. Meanwhile, rulers of other countries are baffled by the sudden appearance of the magical kingdom. Will Ainz be able to thwart the plans of rival nations and create his own utopia?

In the first episode, Ainz struggles emotionally as he misses his friends, former guild members, and contemplates establishing an orphanage in E-Rantel to educate talented individuals for the benefit of Nazarick. He also plans to employ widows of fallen Re-Estize soldiers. As Ainz discusses his ideas with Albedo, Mare, and Aura visit and learn about E-Rantel’s resource shortages, which have arisen because traders are wary of the kingdom led by Ainz.

Ainz visits E-Rantel, meeting Pandora’s Actor, and confides in him, asking him to keep their conversation a secret from the others. As Ainz travels, he notices that humans are still afraid to interact with him until he meets a former adventurer, Ainzach, with whom he discusses diplomatic relations between their kingdoms.

The Challenges of Creating Peace

In the second episode, Ainz grows concerned about his plan for a peaceful kingdom, which might not align with the expectations of his loyal subordinates. He eventually allows Albedo and others to make important decisions to ease his burden. Meanwhile, Princess Renner visits the orphanage in Re-Estize to identify talented orphans, while her brother, Prince Zanac, is preoccupied with political turmoil and remains unaware of his sister’s plans.

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Prince Zanac receives a diplomatic envoy from the Dark Kingdom, and Albedo is pleased with her reception in Re-Estize. However, a lowly noble named Philip Dayton approaches Albedo, seeking to form an alliance with the Dark Kingdom. Little does Philip know the true nature of what he is getting into.

Thwarting the Enemy’s Plans

In the third episode, Ainz offers Albedo advice before she departs for a distant city. Elsewhere, imperial officials discuss the Dark Kingdom, led by Ainz, as a significant threat to humanity. They form an alliance to destroy Ainz, with El Nix, a leader of a magical kingdom, even secretly establishing an anti-magic academy to thwart Ainz’s power.

In the fourth episode, Ainz remains unsure about the intentions of the enemy with world-class artifacts and Albedo’s plans for world conquest. Ainz wishes to create a peaceful world, forging friendly relationships with other countries, but does not disclose his plans to Albedo or Demiurage. Ainz visits the Baharut Empire with E-Rantel’s adventurer leader Einzac, who suggests Ainz participate in the “King of Martial Arts” tournament to face the strongest fighters.


As the story progresses in the fifth and sixth episodes, Albedo and Demiurage discuss Ainz’s concerns about their plans while he travels to the Dwarf Kingdom. Overlord IV demonstrates Ainz’s continuous struggle as the king of the Dark Kingdom and his dream of a world of peace and friendship between nations. Fans can follow Ainz’s journey in this thrilling season of Overlord, watching as he faces various challenges, both personally and as the leader of his kingdom.

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