One Piece Manga Chapter 1077: The Late Realization of Zoro's Insight
One Piece Manga Chapter 1077: The Late Realization of Zoro's Insight

One Piece Manga Chapter 1077: The Late Realization of Zoro’s Insight

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After a week’s hiatus, the One Piece Manga Chapter 1077 is set to return on Sunday, March 12, 2023. Chapter 1077 will continue the battle between Zoro and Seraphim on Eggland Island and the chaos caused by mysterious creatures. The title of Chapter 1077 is ‘Should Have Realized It Sooner’.

Chapter 1077 opens with Sentomaru in critical condition after being attacked by Rob Lucci. He orders all workers on the island to leave because he believes that the chaos that is brewing could be more terrible than the tragedy in Ohara. Sentomaru’s assumption is based on the fact that the World Government has considered various possibilities that could make them hunt Vegapunk. It means that the World Government is ready for the worst-case scenario.

Apart from Sentomaru’s prediction, the other focus of Chapter 1077 is the tardiness of Zoro’s insight. Referring to the title in Chapter 1077, Zoro finally realizes that the enemy they are fighting, Seraphim, has similarities with King of the Lunarian tribe. Unfortunately, Zoro’s insight is a little too late.

Shaka confirms the similarity between Seraphim and the Lunarian race. According to him, Vegapunk intentionally mixed Lunarian DNA in Seraphim to gain Lunarian power. Zoro recalls King and explains that the only way to defeat Seraphim is to wait for the fire on his back to go out. This causes anger in Lucci, Kaku and Luffy because Zoro should have realized this earlier.

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In various battles on Egghead Island, Seraphim emerges as the winner. The Straw Hat crew initially spread out to find the real Vegapunk, but in the end, they are attacked by Seraphim, who has far superior power than they exhibited.

Another shocking event occurred when Shaka went into a dark room underground. The room turns out to be Vegapunk’s former research facility, and that’s where he finds the real Vegapunk and CP0 agents imprisoned. But behind Shaka, there is a mysterious figure who then shoots Shaka, and he possibly dies. It turns out that the haunting figure is not Vegapunk, but an unknown entity.

In conclusion, One Piece Manga Chapter 1077 has a lot of suspense, action, and plot twists for fans to enjoy. Zoro’s realization, combined with the revelation of Vegapunk’s real identity, makes for an exciting read. Fans of the series should definitely look forward to reading Chapter 1077.

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