One Piece: Is Silver Rayleigh a Holy Knight?
One Piece: Is Silver Rayleigh a Holy Knight?

One Piece: Is Silver Rayleigh a Holy Knight?

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One Piece fans have been buzzing about a recent revelation regarding Silver Rayleigh, the Dark King. According to rumors, Rayleigh is a Holy Knight, a new group that has emerged in the series with power levels above those of the CP0 and Marine forces. It’s no surprise that several characters in the One Piece world are believed to be part of this mysterious group, including the infamous Silver Rayleigh.

Prior to the revelation, Rayleigh was known as the former Vice Captain of the Roger Pirates. He was revered by many because of his skills, which were almost on par with Roger’s. Rayleigh was so powerful that some characters in One Piece, including Kurohige, feared him. Kurohige, in fact, has had two encounters with Rayleigh – once when he was still young, and another time on Amazon Lilly.

Moreover, the moniker “Dark King” could be an indication of Rayleigh’s true identity as a Holy Knight, a group with power levels beyond that of regular agencies. In fact, it is quite plausible that Rayleigh is a Holy Knight, given his strength. But, as fans know, Rayleigh has been retired from his role as a Holy Knight to pursue the mission given to him by Roger. This mission was to train the next generation of pirates who would inherit Roger’s will.

This successor is none other than Monkey D. Luffy, who has now become a Yonkou. Before retiring, Rayleigh held a high position in the Holy Knight, serving as the Vice Commander of the group. It is worth noting that his position in the Holy Knight was similar to his position as the Vice Captain of the Roger Pirates.

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However, Rayleigh joined the Holy Knight only after the death of Roger. He did this to prevent the World Government from destroying innocent countries. Additionally, he waited for the next successor of Roger’s will to be born into the world and eventually got the chance to train Luffy three years ago.

In conclusion, it is highly likely that the legendary Silver Rayleigh is a former Vice Commander of the Holy Knight – a new and mysterious group in One Piece. While this revelation may seem like a fan theory or rumor, many clues in the series point towards it being true. And who knows what other surprises the world of One Piece has in store for fans? Let’s wait and see!

Note: This article is purely for entertainment purposes and has no intention of changing the story created by Eiichiro Oda.

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