One Piece Episode 1062: Sanji Vs Queen and Zoro Vs King
One Piece Episode 1062: Sanji Vs Queen and Zoro Vs King

One Piece Episode 1062: Sanji Vs Queen and Zoro Vs King

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Are you a true One Piece fan? Then, this article is definitely for you! Episode 1062 of the beloved anime, One Piece, is set to air today. As the anime has been loyal to its fans, even as they grew up, its captivating storyline continues to entice viewers. With thousands of episodes already in the books, fans never tire of watching and still find the anime as exciting as ever.

In the previous episode, titled “Serangan Iblis! Sanji Vs Queen,” Sanji fought bravely against Queen. In this intense duel, Sanji had an upper hand, despite Queen utilizing his cyborg capabilities to launch various attacks. This reminded Sanji of Germa, but he never backed down and fought with all his might.

However, the excitement doesn’t just stop there. In the upcoming episode, titled “Tiga Gaya Pedang Raja Tertinggi Zoro Vs King,” Zoro will face off against King in an epic sword fight. The episode’s title implies that their fight will take center stage, with Zoro perhaps unleashing new fighting techniques to defeat King. Notably, Zoro might also combine his Haoshoku Haki to strengthen his attacks and increase his chances of victory.

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While Zoro and King’s epic sword fight is taking place, Law and Kid continue their battle against Big Mom. Fans can’t wait to see who will come out as the winner between Law, Kid, and Big Mom.

Excited to watch this thrilling episode? One Piece Episode 1062 will air on May 14, 2023, at 9:30 AM Pacific Time, and it will be available for streaming on several platforms. To make it easier to watch this epic showdown between the Straw Hat Pirates and their foes, click on one of the three links below.

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