One Piece Episode 1056: Law and Kid's Attack on Big Mom
One Piece Episode 1056: Law and Kid's Attack on Big Mom

One Piece Episode 1056: Law and Kid’s Attack on Big Mom

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One Piece, an anime adaptation of the manga with the same title by Eiichiro Oda, has been a favorite among fans since its debut in 1999. The anime has become a household name and has garnered a massive following among anime enthusiasts. With its weekly release of episodes, One Piece has reached a staggering 1055 episodes, which ended last week. The question now is when will episode 1056 air and where can we watch it?

Preview of Episode 1056

In the previous episode 1055, the focus was on the continuation of the Sanji vs Queen battle. Furthermore, the episode also shifted its attention to Kin’emon and Kanjuro. The episode briefly switches its perspective to Nico Robin and Brook and reveals that CPO and Animal Kingdom Pirates want to capture her alive.

Episode 1056, which will release this week, has a title called “Counterattack! Law and Kid’s Attack on Big Mom.” The episode focuses on Law and Kid’s attack on Big Mom. However, before the attack, Kid was hesitant to join forces with Law due to Big Mom’s strength. Surprisingly, Law and Kid’s attack was successful, and they even used the power of their devil fruits to defeat Big Mom.

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Will they defeat the mighty Big Mom, who is known to be incredibly strong? The episode will also briefly focus on Kazenbo, and there may be updates on Yamato’s status. The following episode might showcase the peak of the battle between Luffy and Kaido.

Release Date and Where to Watch Episode 1056

One Piece episode 1056 will air on Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 9:30 a.m. JST. The episode is already available on streaming platforms with Indonesian subtitles, such as iQYI. Please click here to watch it.

In conclusion, One Piece’s episode 1056 is an exciting installment of the series, which features Law and Kid’s attack on Big Mom. Don’t forget to tune in to get the latest updates in the One Piece series.

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