One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers: Im Sama Targets Luffy
One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers: Im Sama Targets Luffy

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers: Im Sama Targets Luffy

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In the latest One Piece Chapter 1085, fans are left with a shocking revelation as Im Sama is targeting Monkey D Luffy. The spotlight is on Luffy as he becomes Im Sama’s prime target after he makes Gorosei Saturn powerless during a battle on Egghead island.

The failure of Gorosei Saturn to capture Luffy results in Im Sama becoming furious and setting her sights on the Straw Hat crew. Luffy is considered too dangerous to let live, especially after he gains the ability to use the ancient weapon Poseidon.

As revealed in leaked spoilers, Im Sama tasked Gorosei Saturn to oversee the buster call attack on Egghead to make it easier to capture Luffy and Vegapunk. Luffy’s existence is a threat as he has awakened the power of the Devil Fruit God Nika. It is predicted that if Luffy collaborates with Vegapunk, they will be able to control the full extent of the Devil Fruit’s power.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Im Sama receives news that Gorosei Saturn failed to execute the mission after the buster call triggered the wrath of the sea god. The waters of Egghead turned chaotic as sea monsters began to surface and wreaked havoc on the Navy’s ships, causing massive tsunamis and whirlpools that engulfed them all.
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Unknowingly, Luffy, who had transformed into Nika’s form, gave Poseidon the command to attack when he was in danger. Although Shirahoshi, the current Poseidon, was not present, she could feel Luffy’s distress and subconsciously activated her ability as an ancient weapon. Only Kizaru and Gorosei Saturn survived the unexpected Poseidon attack. However, they were powerless against Luffy, his crew, and the CP0 traitors.

Kizaru and Gorosei Saturn meet their demise after Rob Lucci kills them to clear his name of treason accusations. Vegapunk believes it was the right decision, but Luffy strongly disagrees. Unfortunately, another traitor in the Luffy x Vegapunk alliance besides York reports their attacks to the other Gorosei and Im Sama. This news leads to the world leader’s wrath, causing her to use the ancient weapon Uranus to destroy Egghead.

In conclusion, One Piece Chapter 1085 leaves fans on edge as Im Sama targets Luffy, who becomes a significant threat to her plans. With the Straw Hat crew in danger, fans eagerly await the next chapter to discover what happens to their favorite characters.

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