One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoiler: Nefertari Cobra's Last Words Before Sabo Got Shocked
One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoiler: Nefertari Cobra's Last Words Before Sabo Got Shocked

One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoiler: Nefertari Cobra’s Last Words Before Sabo Got Shocked

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One Piece Chapter 1085 has some of the most shocking events and revelations in the series so far. Nefertari Cobra’s last words before Sabo got shocked will leave readers stunned. The chapter starts with Imu talking to Cobra, revealing that ‘D’ is the name of people who were once enemies of the power that Imu represents. Imu also suspects that the Poneglyphs were intentionally scattered around the world instead of being an accident caused by Lily.

The next scene depicts Imu changing into a huge monster and eating Sabo’s fire. Meanwhile, Gorosei turns into a monster and surrounds Sabo and Cobra as they attempt to escape. In a flashback, Cobra reveals to Sabo that Lily’s real name was Nefertari D. Lily. As Cobra starts reading a letter from Lily, he is stabbed and begins to read it. Although we cannot hear the words clearly, it seems the letter contains instructions on how to protect the Poneglyphs.

Cobra blocks Imu’s attack to allow Sabo to escape. However, in the next few seconds, Cobra is seen lying dead on the floor. Wapol witnesses all this through a hole in the wall and flees the scene. King Cobra and King Wapol are not attending the Reverie meeting anymore, and Vivi has been captured by the CPO.

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The chapter ends with Vivi and Wapol on the run while Mrs. Wapol watches them in shock. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens next in One Piece Chapter 1085. Although it was scheduled to release on June 4th, 2023, the chapter has already been leaked. Fans can follow the link to read the chapter and see what else is in store for One Piece.

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