One Piece Chapter 1085: Shocking Revelations about Dragon and Shanks
One Piece Chapter 1085: Shocking Revelations about Dragon and Shanks

One Piece Chapter 1085: Shocking Revelations about Dragon and Shanks

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The upcoming One Piece Chapter 1085 by Eiichiro Oda will present a series of surprises for fans. Apart from the revelation of Shanks’ twin brother being the leader of the Holy Knight, the latest clue from Oda suggests that Dragon was once a member of the same group. Read on to discover more about the connection between Shanks, Dragon, and the Holy Knight in One Piece 1085.

As fans may know, it was recently revealed that Shanks’ twin brother is the leader of the Holy Knight. Many clues suggest why Shanks could have a twin brother who is now the Holy Knight. One of the most popular clues is when Shanks met Shirohige on the Moby Dick ship. At that time, Shirohige admitted that his old injury, inflicted by “that person,” hurt again when he saw Shanks’ face. That means there was someone who looked like Shanks before and managed to injure Shirohige. Moreover, Shanks’ twin brother visited Mariejoa to meet Gorosei several years ago. Oda intentionally showed only the right side of Shanks’ twin because if he showed the whole face, fans would immediately notice that the Shanks who came did not have scars on his left eye and his left hand was still intact.

Apart from the bombshell about Shanks’ family, One Piece 1085 will also unveil a new mystery about Dragon’s past. As we know, Dragon was the first character in the series to discover the true horror of the Holy Knight. He even said that the real war would begin after the World Government disbands the Holy Knight. That means Dragon knew quite a bit about the secret group of the World Government. The clues indicate that Dragon was once part of the Holy Knight. After all, Garp was a hero of the Marine, and as his father, he surely hoped that Dragon would become part of the Marines. Additionally, Oda once showed the Navy Army during their younger years, and a mysterious man who looks exactly like Dragon was present. This new revelation will undoubtedly make the story of One Piece even more interesting if Dragon does turn out to be a former member of Holy Knight.

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The story of Dragon’s past makes sense as his desire for revenge against the World Government emerged after he learned about their corruption as a member of the Holy Knight. It is the reason he created the Revolutionary Army to fight against the forces of the World Government.

The official, full version of One Piece Chapter 1085 by Oda will be released in a few days. Stay tuned for more surprises, twists, and turns in this fantastic manga series.

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